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The Veronicas - Biting My Tongue & Human (release unlikely)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aidan, May 26, 2016.

  1. The way I SCREAMED at the chairs with the screens of Boy George and Kelly Rowland on them. What kind of Nicki appearing in the Bitch, I'm Madonna video teas
  2. Island

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    Ddd I need that 2016 album leak.... or to be released this year kii.
  3. After a few plays I can say that I like the song in all its fresh-out-2016 glory.
    I haven't watched a performance of theirs in maybe 10 years. Did they become really good singers or was that performance in playback?
  4. Educate yourself
  5. Why an incredible live performance! The girls totally slayed it last night and is such a welcome comeback for them! Since I posted last Friday, this song has turned out to be a total ear worm and I can’t stop playing it!
  6. Loved that performance! It was great, and I still really love the song. I keep wanting to be hyped for this album ddd.
    And I think I finally have started being able to tell them apart. Pretty sure Lisa had the straight long hair, and Jess had her hair in a bun.
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  7. The choreo was giving me:


    Lisa looks great with those bangs!
  8. After watching that web series, I am just wondering what caused the screaming match and minor physical altercation that inevitably occurred before that performance was filmed though.
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  9. I think they were singing with backing but it really helped the chorus pop and sound more full. Love it.
  10. They don’t disappoint with their performances.
  11. Going through the constant cycle of "they release song, we love it, nothing happens" in this thread was a trip, let me tell you.
    Some thoughts though:
    Well, that checks out with Biting My Tongue being released this month. And for the first time, we have an album title so that's something. I'll wait for an official release date to be announced before I get too excited though.
    Decided to watch Blood Is For Life, and was surprised to find Biting Your Tongue is featured in episode 2 on YouTube:

    Go to 3:49, they're playing the instrumental in the studio, and Lisa is singing the lyrics. Jess says it has to be their next single, and this is back in like November or December. What the hell took so damn long? The label? Covid?
    Also, now I'm thinking Ugly and Think Of Me at least will be included on the album, because I noticed they didn't call Biting My Tongue the lead single in the Instagram post, so it could just be the second single (a year in-between, which is crazy.)
    Also, this post made me really excited, and I hate myself.
    Lat thing: The Voice live performance already has more views in less then 24 hours then the audio of the song on YouTube in a week. Both are still only at over 21,000 I feel like this is really good? I think it shows that there is still interest in them, when the public are aware that they're doing something.

    I know this is all a bit much, but I'm a little bit obsessed with them right now.
  12. I really wish that their performance (and Ricki Lee’s) at the Olympics/ Commonwealth games from a few years back was available to watch online! They performed and absolutely nailed Kylie’s Can’t Get You Out Of My Head.

    They should have released as a b-side or as something for the fans as it literally went off the chain! These girls know how to perform and sell a song!
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  13. In Episode 2 of "Blood is for life", the chorus has "I would die without you" as the lyric, rather than "I can't live without you" as we've now got. Interesting little change.

    I giggled at episode 4 with the quote "I've got 10 tubes of lube and no latex" after Lisa forgets her stage outfit - now that quote's a sign your life is going well.
  14. I somehow...completely missed that. And she sings it multiple times dddd. Guess I was too excited about hearing the song haha.

    That quote is hilarious out of context. Haven't watched 3 and 4 yet, so probably will today.
  15. I only just watched the web series too, and since the episodes seem to take place around the release of Think of Me, they must have recorded Biting My Tongue (or Die Without You, as it was called at that point) back in early 2019 or even late 2018.

    God knows what took them so long this time – I remember them mentioning some health issues with their mom, so maybe that was the reason. Reading back this thread from the release of In My Blood in 2016 (!) up until today really is wild. We really thought the constant delays were over when they left Warner. Oh well!
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  16. I saw that they wanted to be there for their mom and her health earlier, and that's perfectly understandable, so its possible that was still a huge part of it for a while.
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    I've been listening to Hook Me Up a lot lately and it holds up pretty well. I listened to it for the first time earlier this year and thought it was just alright, but I guess the anticipation for more music from them made me appreciate the album better. Insomnia, Everything, and Hollywood are too good just to be B-Sides.
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  18. I loved Hook Me Up. I still have my signed CD somewhere from when I saw them, Kate Voegele, and Natasha Bedingfield live.
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  19. Island

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    That new song snippet on their stories sounded good!

    Seems like it’s about Ruby Rose... which calling her a movie star is a reach ddd.
  20. No, that movie with Jason Statham and the shark made so much money that Ruby's officially a movie star and Mr Statham is one of Hollywood's most bankable stars. No, there's no accounting for the general public's taste.
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