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The Veronicas - Biting My Tongue & Human (release unlikely)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aidan, May 26, 2016.

  1. Here's the snippet:

    It sounds sooooooo good. And honestly, I'm just happy they're still talking about the album like it'll be released dddd. Hopefully we'll get the Biting My Tongue video soon.
    Honestly completely forgot she was in The Meg. I did like the movie though dddd.
    She was in Pitch Perfect 3 too, and I think that did well.
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  2. Biting My Tongue music video is out!
  3. Why have things gone... worryingly quiet again.

    " :( "
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  4. Because it's The Veronicas.
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  5. Things aren't "worryingly quiet", they're back to normal for The Veronicas. Honestly, following these two is a special brand of torture that is made for masochistic fans.

    When they finally release something (they record enough, eventually something will come out) we will be excited, they will have a minor hit, and then any momentum will probably get squandered in true Australian pop act tradition.

    I'm just hoping for a Covid vaccine so they might actually tour, or I might actually get to visit Oz without a two-week quarantine.
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  6. The video is just them on a staycation.
  7. Maybe they just can’t be bothered anymore. Biting my tongue didn’t even chart in Australia:
    #1 In my blood
    #19 On your side
    #41 The only high
    #70 Think of me
    # Did not chart - Ugly
    # Did not chart - Biting my tongue

    Bet they wished they released the album in 2016..
  8. Not me coming to this thread assuming the latest posts would be about them going quiet again, and being right...
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  9. Their moment just passed... for better or worse.

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