The Veronicas Discography Rate - COMPLETE!

Stutter is definitely overstaying it's welcome as my sole low score left.

Stutter feels out of its depth here

I like Stutter a good deal, but it beating This is How it Feels and Cruel is a joke.

This has played out so bizarrely. Stutter and More Like Me? What?! Over When It All Falls Apart and You Ruin Me?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What an upset it would be if an unreleased track won the entire thing!


I’ve seen it all I’ve got nothing to prove - come on baby just make your move

I heard you're waiting around, but you don't stand a chance

So come with me, my fantasy, this is my song and I, and I don't want to dance alone

Someone call emergency, a 911

Baby let's get reckless like a loaded gun

Living for the night we rocket to the sun

I still can't believe, can't believe what you do to me

You make me nervous, make me sweat

Make me st-st-st-




Our final unreleased song “Stutter” exits at #7, proving again what an epic album Life on Mars would have been. A definitely well-deserved top place finisher among the unreleased series (though arguably overstaying its welcome in the top 10) - I hope it was a pleasant discovery for those of you who hadn’t delved into the Life on Mars leaks before this rate.

(10) has effusive praise for this one, saying “What a bop, such a shame this won’t be released officially. Could imagine it would’ve been a single. “Someone call emergency, 911! Cos baby I am reckless like a loaded gun” “You make me nervous, make me sweat, make me st-st-st-stutter” “And I don’t wanna dance alone, don’t make me dance this song alone” are all moments. The production and middle 8 are sublime too.” phily693 (10) was also a huge fan of this one, remarking “There’s something very Eurovision about this in the best possible way. I can imagine Ukraine, Iceland, Russia or Sweden entering this, and that’s a huge compliment. The hook is rather addictive, and the middle 8 is utterly glorious.” Or Australia could have entered it, since they’re now inexplicably part of Eurovision? unnameable (10) also has high praise for this one, mentioning “the intro to this is so cosmically awesome it's hard for the rest of this song to live up to it, but it manages it.” I also gave this one a 10; definitely my favorite of the unreleased tracks.

Untouchable Ace (9.5) is feeling impulsive after listening to this one, commenting “Addictive song that makes you feel like recreational drugs.” DJHazey (9) is quite complimentary, saying “The opening bit sounds like Eurodance, so of course I was automatically taken away. The chorus also sounds very Fefe Dobson during her Joy era, which is fast way to my heart. The song does a perfect job of applying the song's title to its characteristics and effects. This is the kind of tune that screams "WAY TOOO BASIC!" for many but is 'Hazey 101' as far as I'm concerned.” Both Robsolete and Angeleyes gave this a 7, with the former commenting “ A bop but shouldn't still be here,” and the latter saying “I like this one a lot! It’s very 2012, but it’s very catchy and I like the lyrics.” Joining the 7 club on this one is tylerc904. VivaForever (8) is also a fan, saying “Okay, wasn't expecting much here but the production is amazing actually.”

Direct your complaints about this one’s departure to Sprockrooster (5), who erroneously doesn’t see this track’s brilliance: “That post-chorus is the only good about this.”

Studio recording:

The time has come…..

I'm not going anywhere with you tonight, cause this is my life

You're the magic dust that gets me stoned

I was losing myself to somebody else, but now I see

I don't wanna pretend, so this is the end of you and me

Cause the girl that you want

She was tearing us apart

Cause she's everything......

….to bid adieu to our final album track

If you were more like me
You'dve fucked a little harder
You'dve been a little faster
Been impossible to leave
If you were more like me
You'dve kissed a little longer
Held on a little tighter
You would never let him leave
If you were….



More Like Me

Our highest rated album track, “More Like Me,” bows out at #6, leaving the 5 remaining singles to battle it out for the top spot.

Unfortunately slotted at backend of the tracklist of the self-titled album (following the bizarre #9 positioning of “You Ruin Me”), “More Like Me” was written by The Veronicas with Josh Katz and Dave Bassett (who is probably best known for cowriting and producing Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song”). It was a huge missed single opportunity in my opinion; it appears it was never even performed live (or at least never performed live and uploaded to Youtube).

This is one my hardest eliminations of the rate! I thought this one was doomed based on early commentary in this thread, so though I’m sad to see it go, I’m absolutely thrilled it’s made it this far. In addition to being a 10/10, “More Like Me” has definitely made my all-time favorite playlist of underrated female pop/rock anthems, alongside the likes of Kelly Clarkson’s “Don’t Let Me Stop You” and “The Day We Fell Apart,” Paramore’s “Playing God,” and to throw in a completely obscure reference, Saving Jane’s “What I Didn’t Say.”

Let’s turn it over to our panelists for their scores and commentary. GhettoPrincess (10) says “This is cute, it’s like an updated track from the debut album.” VivaForever (9.5) notes “This was a grower for me, I guess partly because it's the most rock song on the album, which is my favorite in part because it's their most middle-of-the-road. But I adored "You'd have FUCKED a little harder!" from the first time I heard it, and it reminds me more than a bit of Alanis, which is a very good thing.” Indeed, it seems like they slipped that past the radar, unless you want to believe it’s “fought a little harder…” but I would lean toward the former. Robsolete, phily693 (“Almost amazing, but just falls ever so slightly short. Still love it though.”) and unnameable (“More shout outs to their exes.”) round out the 9 club.

Sprockrooster (7) spared the exclamation points but said “Yes. More like this please.” tylerc904 gave this a 7.5, and Angeleyes (8) commented that it “sounds like a “classic” Veronicas song. Great chorus and great lyrics.” Meanwhile DJHazey didn't send me his score for this one, but will probably be pleased with this elimination based on his prior comments.

Studio recording:

Next up: the single that missed out on the top 4….and me possibly losing my 3rd 10 of the day *sob*
“More Like Me” has definitely made my all-time favorite playlist of underrated female pop/rock anthems, alongside the likes of Kelly Clarkson’s “Don’t Let Me Stop You” and “The Day We Fell Apart,” Paramore’s “Playing God,” and to throw in a completely obscure reference, Saving Jane’s “What I Didn’t Say.”
@Mina serving nothing but taste.

I believe all I have left is now a 9, 3x10 and a 11. Well done everyone!
Which of our five remaining singles is the first to fall?

I feel so untouched right now, need you so much somehow, I can't forget you

Been going crazy from the moment I met you...

You're my possession, I'm your obsession

Don't tell me never, you'll love me forever….

We don't have to wait all night

Cause I can feel you….

So come with me tonight

We could make the night last….

But first, a bit of an aside -

When I got the list of results from RainOnFire, I deliberately didn’t look at the top of the list showing the winning track and its runner-ups, and instead, worked my way from the bottom up as I prepared writeups. So at first I looked at only the songs that were eliminated from #21 down, then #20-#16, #15-#10, and so on. This way I a) forced myself to get the writeups done quickly and in order, without inadvertently giving away spoilers and b) tried to maintain my own suspense for as long as possible (because what else makes a rate fun, besides this and shading your fellow participants?).

When looking at the earlier results, I couldn’t believe what malarky lay afoot. Eliminating most of Hook Me Up before top 15? Keeping duds from the self-titled album (*cough*basically everything except "Cruel," "If You Love Someone," and "More Like Me"*cough*) hanging on for way too long? Top 10 placings of unreleased tracks (albeit amazing ones)?

All of this was leaving me seriously concerned. So by the time I got to the top 5, I was seriously worried that y’all massively screwed this up.


In terms of endgame, I think we made the right choice.

(sorry Number!)​

Cause the girl that you want, she was tearing us apart

Cause she's everything, everything...



Everything I’m Not

Released as the second single from The Veronicas’ The Secret Life Of…, “Everything I’m Not” rightfully takes second place to “4Ever” in our ranking of The Veronicas’ debut album. Though penned by the same writing team that brought us “4Ever” (Dr. Luke of Ke$ha fame and Max Martin along with the Origliasso twins), this song didn’t quite perform as well as its predecessor. This track had some chart success in Australia, peaking at #7 on the ARIA singles chart and earning a gold certification, and was also a top 10 hit in Belgium and New Zealand.

GhettoPrincess (10) is a fan, saying “Although some of the vocals are a bit whiny, I’ve always loved this one. Very heartfelt without being boring. “Cos the girl that you want, she was tearing us apart! Cos she’s everything, everything I’m not” Queens of saying don’t change yourself for a partner. I always live for their final choruses when everything goes a bit crazy with the ad-libs.” Robsolete (10) confesses “I think this is low-key my favourite song from the debut. It's not as blistering as 4ever but there's something about it that just grabs me and still hits me all these years later.” phily693 (10) effuses “This sounds like lots of songs from back in the day but that doesn’t stop it from being a total bop. That chorus just flies off. The chorus has such a lovely melody and would even be lovely if you stripped away the rockier sound. There’s something very One Of The Boys to this (btw I’m not giving Katy credit for a sound that was so omnipresent on the pop landscape), I could see it sitting nicely on that album, or it even slip into The Best Damn Thing.”

Score-triplets on this one include me (8), tylerc904 (8), and Sprockrooster (8), who remarks “A bit of punkrock with teenrock and I am completely content with this punky sassiness.” unnameable (9)’s review is mostly positive - “the verses are beautiful, but a slightly plodding chorus means I have to reluctantly deduct a mark.” VivaForever (9) and Angeleyes (9) were also fans, with the latter saying “I think I listen to the Claude le Gache and Eddie Baez mixes more than the original nowadays, but it’s a great song in any form. It should have been bigger in the US.” DJHazey (9) remarks “I didn't remember this song while rating but I felt like I should -- then I felt like it was a moment that I overlooked previously -- then I thought something was lacking and maybe I had overlooked it for a reason -- then I thought "wait this is amazing" and I gave it a 9. Then after sending in my scores I had another moment, one where I was getting goosebumps while "I was losing myself..." started in. It's pretty magical and I should've given it a 10 for that alone.”

Music video:

Poor Ryan’s car.

Live performance:

Glad More Like Me missed the top 5. Fair enough that the top 4 are all different eras. Ideally:
4. Lolita
3. In My Blood
2. 4Ever
1. Untouched