The Veronicas Discography Rate - COMPLETE!

I am still in shock that my 11 has made it this far! I'm so used to my 11 getting booted somewhere between #11-#20 in practically every single rate I've participated in (though I fear in the Disney rate, it won't even make it that far).
Well I love them both but one was my 11 with the other being a contender but having to settle for 10 points. Since my 11 has never won in any rate I'm most definitely #Team4Ever
Well I love them both but one was my 11 with the other being a contender but having to settle for 10 points. Since my 11 has never won in any rate I'm most definitely #Team4Ever

Did you have any commentary for the top 2 you wanted to send over? I'm happy to include them (along with your scores) in the writeups tomorrow.
Leaving us at #2 is…..

I can't lie lie lie lie lie lie

I wanna wanna wanna get get get what I want

Don't stop

Let them say what they’re gonna say

But tonight I just don’t really care

You can take take take take take time time

To live live the way you gotta gotta live your life

Let me show you all the things that we could do

Cause you're the only one who's on my mind

Just one taste and you’ll want more

So tell me what you’re waiting for

Been going crazy from the moment I met you

So come with me tonight

We could make the night last….




11 - @Robsolete , @phily693

Falling just short of our top spot is “Untouched.” Written by the Origliasso twins and Toby Gad and recorded in their LA living room, this song was the second single and most commercially successful release from Hook Me Up. It peaked at #2 on the ARIA singles chart, earning a platinum certification, and also charted internationally in a number of countries including the UK (#8 on the singles chart and certified silver) and the US (#12 on the US Mainstream Top 40 and certified platinum). The band also performed it on the 2008 ARIA Awards, but sadly, I could not find a good quality video of that performance.

Per the ladies, the song is "about not physically being able to touch someone or be with them but kind of needing that person.” They also note “we had to record it in one take - so we did like 7 takes of each verse just to try to get the breathing right.”

Among the 11 givers is phily693, who comments “I’ll never forget hearing this for the first time, I was 15 studying for exams and it came on Radio 1 (who hammered it) and I was instantly hooked by the strings. It was such a different sound but very on trend. It’s so unusual how it jumps about from the classical element of the strings to the rockier sound, then it pulls you into a dancier sound with the synths and the spoken word/almost rap-like verses, it’s almost got a Xenomania type of peculiarity and uniqueness about it. It’s still one of my favourite songs to this day. It’s so grand and has an air about it that pop rarely has today, especially on a first listen.”

To Robsolete, this is “the most obvious 11 choice of all time, but I couldn't give it to anything else. One of my favourite pop songs ever.”

This one was an obvious 10 from me, as well as from many of you:

DJHazey (10) comments “I had to throw this a 10, despite never searching it out anymore. There was a time when I played the living hell out of it and I almost killed it. I heard it on some MTV show, probably The Hills, and that's what made me check out some of their music. This rock-electro-string combo was such a fresh sound at the time...nobody was doing anything remotely close to it. The "a-la-la-las" have been documented to have saved lives. There's a lot of fun deliveries throughout but it loses out to my 11 because the chorus went a tad stale for me years ago. Going back to it after long spurts does breath life into it though and soon I'm belting out every word like my life depends on it.”

Untouchable Ace (10) remarks “Such a smash and I love it but. it only got old for me because of it's overexposure. I am proud of what they have achieved with this song globally, it's even been in porn.” I’ll take your word on that one.

Sprockrooster (10) has high praise for this one: “Toby Gad delivers his magnum opus in production. This song would be nowhere without that killer production. The Veronicas serving vocals and killer lyrics and one would think this is an easy 11. And it actually was, but this will most likely win and I felt like pushing another track instead. But seriously what a song. A complete rush from start to finish.”

(10) uses the “f” word - “Flawless pop. When I heard this live the other year, everyone got their life to this song.” Angeleyes (10) brings out the “i” word - “All I can say is iconic. They really did that. I was surprised this wasn’t the lead single everywhere, though it was in the US. This probably would have been huge out of the gates had they lead with it everywhere. Their signature song for me.” Markus1981 also gave this one a 10.

A slightly critical VivaForever (8.5) writes “This bops in the chorus, and the introduction is the stuff electropop dreams are made of, but it's just lacking a tune, and the verses plod along. Doesn't deserve to be their biggest hit and inevitably win this, soz.” Rounding out are lower scorers are tylerc904 (7) and a slightly more critical GhettoPrincess (7), who writes “Unpopular opinion alert! I’ve never been in love with this as much as Popjustice has. It’s good but not one of my faves from them.”

Music video:

“Making of” video:

Live performance:

Which means, your winner is…




11 - @DJHazey , @Markus1981 , @Mina

Our winner is “4Ever,” the lead single from The Veronicas’ debut album The Secret Life Of… Written by The Veronicas with Dr. Luke and Max Martin, this song remains one of the band’s most commercially successful tracks, peaking at #2 on the ARIA singles chart (platinum certification) and charting in the US and across Europe.

Although I favor the original (2005) recording, the song was re-recorded in 2009 with new vocals and guitars to mimic the sound of their live performances. This re-recorded version was marked by a new video shoot and single release in the UK.

Let’s turn it over to DJHazey, who graced this song with his 11: “There was never a doubt that this was getting my 11. Constantly catchy from the get-go. Just grabs a hold of you and doesn't let go. A part of me was taken away forever and given to these girls the first time I heard "COME ON BABY WE AIN'T GONNA LIVE FOREVER..." It still electrifies me to this day.”

In addition to receiving 11s from me, Markus1981, and DJHazey for undisputably being one of the best pop songs ever, this song was rightfully rewarded with a resounding refrain of 10s, starting with:

GhettoPrincess (10): “That chorus is glorious. I also love the middle 8 too. The production is a bit dated now but it’s still perfection especially with those ad-libs at the end. The 2009 version was a bit pointless though wasn’t it?” Indeed, pointless it was.

(10): “Perfect lead single and a contender for my 11. Just an incredible pop anthem. I’m a little sad that “4ever 2009” was just a re-recording in the vein of the original. I was hoping it would be remixed with a Hook Me Up style sound. I love the dance remixes from the Secret Life era as well.”

tylerc904 (10): “A timeless little anthem. Max's rawk-bawp years were actually quite amazing. The Veronicas, Kelly, Ashley Parker Angel, BSB, Ana Johnsson, P!nk, and Marion Raven all delivered some tunes under this guise.”

Sprockrooster (10): “Completely forgotten about this. And I listening to this now and I am completely shook how I could have forgotten. This should be in my life 4ever!”

phily693 (10): “The blueprint for all fabulous pop rock songs in the mid-00s. You can’t help but belt it out. That chorus just goes so hard, I’m sad that it took Untouched’s release for me to discover this absolute gem.”

Robsolete (10): “Absolutely iconic and one of Max Martin's best songs. Amazing to think they got such a brilliant song for their debut single.”

unnameable (10): “This was a song I kept hearing in the background of things, like the soundtrack to “She's the man”, which made me think “I really ought to get into the Veronicas”. Top Max Martin, and P!nk's inferior Max-recycling can go do one.”

Untouchable Ace (9.5): “They stormed in with this hit and I'm glad it was a success.”

Even our sole dissenter, VivaForever (8) still gave this one a fairly high mark; she writes “I was aware of this at the time but wasn't really a fan... it obviously has a killer chorus, but the verses just aren't interesting and hold it back from being a classic.”

Music video (2005 version)

Music video (2009 version)

Live performance:

Performance at Radio 1’s Live Lounge:

Overall rankings:

1. 4Ever
2. Untouched
3. Lolita
4. In My Blood
5. Everything I’m Not
6. More Like Me
7. Stutter
8. This Is How It Feels
9. Cruel
10. Alive
11. When It All Falls Apart
12. If You Love Someone
13. You Ruin Me
14. On My Side
15. Teenage Millionaire
16. Runaways
17. Leave Me Alone
18. Hook Me Up
19. Revenge Is (Sweeter Than You Ever Were)
20. Popular
21. I Can’t Stay Away
22. Line of Fire
23. Someone Wake Me Up
24. Take Me On the Floor
25. 101
26. Did You Miss Me (I’m A Veronica)
27. Born Bob Dylan
28. Goodbye To You
29. I Could Get Used to This
30. This Love
31. All I Have
32. Mouth Shut
33. Speechless
34. Let Me Out
35. Cold
36. Mad Love
37. Heavily Broken
38. I Don’t Wanna Wait
39. Teardrop
40. Revolution
41. Sugar Daddy
42. Change The World
43. Always
44. In Another Life
45. Nobody Wins
46. Army of One
47. Secret
48. Spirits and Sin
49. Sanctified
50. You and Me
51. Dead Cool
52. Mother Mother

I hope this has been enjoyable for everyone! As I sign off, I want to thank @Aidan for taking the initiative to get this rate rolling and do all the upfront work, scoring, and first half of the eliminations, and @RainOnFire for helping to coordinate things and getting the rate restarted. Finally want to thank all voters, especially those of you who resent me your scores and commentary - Sprockrooster, Angeleyes, GhettoPrincess, VivaForever, DJHazey, Untouchable Ace, phily693, Robsolete, tylerc904, unnameable, and Markus1981.
I am actually shook with this result! Very happy this rate is finished. Thank you so much @Mina

@Mina I'm gonna use the "i" word again and say that you're iconic for taking on and finishing the rate! Thank you so much!

It was my pleasure! And,

Now I'm gonna go blast Hook Me Up in its entirety and think about how wrong it was done in this rate!

if I influenced this opinion at all, my work here is done.

Even though you've been teasing the lyrics throughout when I first read "we could make the night last.." I somehow thought it was actually going to lead to 4Ever #2. Congratulations on your first 11 win @Mina which ended up being karma for taking over the rate and doing things so flawlessy. If you ever decide to run your own rate from scratch I would definitely be there to participate fully.