The Veronicas Discography Rate - COMPLETE!

I will try to get this done, never heard any of the Life On Mars tracks (sans Lolita). I know my 11 for sure.
The Secret Life of... - Low: 2 - High: 10 x 2 - Average: 5.77 (seems a lil high tibb)
Hook Me Up - Low: 4 x 2 - High: 10 - 6.57 (seems a lil low tibb)
The Veronicas - Low: 0 - High: 11 (10 x 4) - Average: 7.96 (seems about right)

Got to find a ticket for Life on Mars.

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I've discovered two album tracks from the debut, the second album is something I don't see the big fuss about so my average for that will probably be one of the lowest although it's got some strong moments for sure. I think it'll be a mixed bag for the self-titled album and I haven't listened to all the Life On Mars tracks as an album properly so that'll be interesting but there's quite a few high scores on there.
I updated the song list with youtube links to some of the unreleased songs. For the ones that don't have a link PM me and I'll help you out.

For some of the complaints of unreleased songs not being included. The reason why I included the Life on Mars tracks was because they were teased by the girls and hinted at being in a rerelease of 'The Veronicas' which never happened.
Just finished up The Secret Life Of...

7.3 average. Went in with 4Ever being the only song I play regularly. Made biggest discoveries with:

Everything I'm Not, When It All Falls Apart, Mouth Shut, Leave Me Alone, A Teardrop Hitting The Ground? (I only found it titled as such, despite the "Teardrop" title on the first page)

Highest: Two 10s
Lowest: One 4
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Hello hi, scores are due in 11 days. I'm thinking of asking for an extension so I can get more scores in. So yeah, please submit asap.
Hook Me Up

Average: 7.8

High: Three 10s

Low: One 5

Discoveries: This Is How It Feels, I Can't Stay Away, I Don't Wanna Wait (I already knew and loved a few songs from this one)
Could I be the annoying one and ask for a slight extension? I really want to take part in this but I've been busy and haven't got round to it so I'm not sure I'd have my scores in on time.

If not it's okay though, I'll still happily follow along.
I was waiting for someone to ask this, cause I didnot want to be the first one again to ask. But I am not making it. Been busy too and only listened to their debut once. But I am free a bit the days after Easter, so an extension would work. But definitely do not mind watching from the sides!