The Veronicas Discography Rate - COMPLETE!



So after much voting, I can finally reveal our first elimination. It should come at no surprise that the first song to go is:

Mother Mother

Highest Score: 9 x 1 (@unnameable )

Lowest Score: 0.5 (@Markus1981)

My Score: 1

In a surprise to no one, this is the very first song to get eliminated in the rate. For me the song was dire, with dire vocals, dire production, dire lyrics. This deserved to go first.

When compiling the results this song always stayed in last place and never ventured any higher.

@Sprockrooster (7) only has nice things to say about the song: “A nice cover, but nothing out of the ordinary. Would have served better as a b-side than a (final) album track.”

@Angeleyes also has some, but not a lot of, nice things to say after giving the song a 6: “I loved this at first, but in recent years, it’s become one of my least favorites from the album. Very over the top.’

@unnameable gives a beautiful yet brief commentary on the song after giving the song its highest score (9): “I had a very protective mother so can relate.”

@GhettoPrincess (1) just says: “No thank you.” scream

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Dead Cool

Highest Score: 7x3 (@DJHazey, @2014, @Sprockrooster )

Lowest: 0x2 (@GhettoPrincess @Markus1981 )

My score: 5

Well some people kind of liked this song, others detested it which leaves Dead Cool in second last place. For me, I thought the song was kinda cool, I see what they were trying to achieve with it. The riff and the chorus are the most redeemable parts of the song.

@Sprockrooster loves the song clearly as he proclaims: “Yas at that middle-8 instrumental!”

@Angeleyes is more critical of it: I don't know why, but I get Mary-Kate and Ashley vibes when they say "Dead Cool" in the song lol. I'm not too big on their rock stuff in general. It just sounds like a song that would end up going unreleased.” I’m slightly inclined to agree

@tylerc904 makes you think he’s going to be positive about the song but then he says…” This is... not great. “

Even @unnameable is a bit critical of the song: “it causes me pain to rate a Veronicas song so low, but I have to.”

And finally, @GhettoPrincess brings the kiis by just saying that the song is: “Garbage”
Well that was a perfect start. The two worst songs out first!

Mother Mother is pretty terrible all the way through but the screaming at the end is quite repulsive. I can't reach for the off button quick enough when that starts.

Dead Cool has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. It sounds like a bunch of teenagers just formed a band and are playing their first song together in someone's garage. I get it's a demo but it sounds so incredibly amateur.
Two 7s lost at the start. There are worse tracks (Sugardaddy, 101) but I have started worse in rates, so let me be happy about these cuts.


You and Me


Highest Score: 10x1 (@unnameable )

Lowest Score: 1x1(@GhettoPrincess )

My Score: 3

This song was loved by some and hated by others. I thought it was a really boring song which would probably be sung around a campfire. Easily forgettable which shows as not many of you had much to say about the song.

Starting off the commentary is @GhettoPrincess who says: “Delete this”, well I bet you’re glad to see it go.

@Angeleyes shows some love to the song: by saying it was “cute” but wishes that their self titled album ended with more of a bang.

I bet @Sprockrooster is mad to see another song he scored highly go as he tell us that he thought that it is: “A brilliant b-side.” He does have some criticism of the song though as he says goes on to say “But a final track? NO. It drags and should have ended at 2.42.”​
Haven't lost anything high yet. Sanctified is my lowest score in the rate, so let's see that go now.
Ask and you may just receive...




Highest Score: 10x2 (@2014, @Sprockrooster )

Lowest Score: 0x1 (@VivaForever)

My score: 10

Well y’all have no taste and this did not deserve to be eliminated this early. Sanctified is quite a different song to what the girls usually do and that’s what it makes it so good. It’s a song that belongs in a Western movie and it just goes off live.

@phily693 says: “If this was an intro I’d get what they’re going for but it’s too long to be an intro and so plods along.”

@Angeleyes is a bit unsure but says: “Not really sure what this is, but I think I like it? It’s not really what I expected an album opener from them to sound like, following “4ever” and “Untouched.” The part starting from 1:27 reminded me of some of the album tracks on Madonna’s “Music” with the synths mixed with a country kind of sound..”

@GhettoPrincess says: A good intro track that has interesting production but never really goes anywhere for me to truly enjoy it.”

@VivaForever doesn’t have anything nice to say about the song: “My only 0 in the rate (I didn't even 0 any of the dreck on the debut!). I just can't get through it.”​

@unnameable is more positive towards the song after giving it high score” When I first heard this, I was apprehensive – they'd scrapped their “Lolita” sound for this swamp-rock influenced sound? It grew on me”

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Sanctified is my highest score so far... at a 6. I can deal with it going since I've lost so many of my low scores already.