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The Veronicas - GODZILLA (May) + Human (July)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aidan, May 26, 2016.

  1. I wonder if this is them getting to fulfil their contract with Sony? We all know Sony Australia are fucking dreadful.
  2. It appears so.
  3. I didn't really "discover" The Veronicas until In Your Blood, and I've been liking everything since that release (which doesn't seem to really match their style before that). Based on everything we know, there will be no real cohesiveness between these two albums--can anyone really confirm? It just seems like tracks they experimented with for different styles and albums that never really materialized over the years. Basically, I love all the singles and am just hoping they appear on one of the two albums we're getting.
  4. Can somebody tell me what's going on with The Veronicas releasing two albums suddenly?
  5. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I think both are kinda that synthpop/pop-rock fusion, but one probably leans towards synthpop and the other is more pop-rock.
  6. Fulfilling their contract so label can dump them and they can part ways, most likely.
  7. And potentially part ways as a band completely from one another?
  8. Maybe they are releasing 2 albums to get out of their contract with Sony so they can just look after their mother? I thought that’s why they had not previously released any albums the past few years?
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  9. I hope that is the case and that whilst looking after their mother they continue to release shorter EPs.

    Veronicas have been and continue to be one of my favourite bands, soundtracking so many defining moments in my life, yet I worry that after this, there will be hiatus and another long wait, if it ever comes!

    At least having two albums, there will be enough tracks to make a super album of sorts!
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  10. They started looking after their mom in late 2019 or early-mid 2020 I believe. Before that it had just been label issues. I imagine they just want to get out of their contract, hence the two albums, and will hopefully continue independently, or find a better label.
  11. I'm going to buy both albums. I'm sure they will worth the wait.
  12. While I understand that this will fulfil their contract with Sony - why would Sony bother? I assume that all the delays have come from the label rather than the band, so I don't really see why Sony would particularly care to release 2 albums back-to-back when they could just drop them.
  13. I feel like it’s a bit of a sign of the times... Better to make money on material which has already been paid for than leave it sat in a vault.

    I know this isn’t going to set the charts alight but splitting it on two albums at a time when people really do collect physical media again is a smart move, especially when they add in different versions, signed versions, etc.
  14. Apparently the next single is "Life Of The Party" feat. Allday - previously rumoured to be released back in 2019. It's not included on the Godzilla tracklisting, so it must be a song from the Human album. We'll see.
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  15. It’s incredible that in the streaming age when they can just dump an album onto Spotify there are still vaults chock full of unreleased singles and albums from artists who were dropped. Sugababes, B*witched, et al. They may not set the world on fire but wouldn’t it be better to recoup some funds? I know there would be contracts and legal stuff involved, but still. Who knows, it may even lead to a career resurgence.
  16. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    They should sue
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  17. I guess she must had paid for using "Untouched" sample.
  18. Using this cover - great job!
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  19. Now I want an Untouched/Blinding Lights mashup.
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  20. Just seen them on an ad for Celebrity Apprentice could work in their favour, extra promo.
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