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The View - I WILL SAY, He/She Is A Friend Of Mine.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cathal, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. And if Trump is that concerned about what one of his dalliances might reveal that he thought he had to pay her off (or tricked his lawyer into doing it), a reasonable person might wonder who else he has tried to hush up, potentially using campaign funds, or what kind of dirt others might have on him that they can use as leverage!!
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  2. She did it again in the interview with Senator Booker. “Did you hear what Hillary said in India?!?” Wasn’t Meghan the one who complained the other day that “no man speaks for her”? But I guess whatever Hillary says, that means she speaks for Cory?
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  3. The funny thing is that Stormy probably doesn't have anything groundbreaking to say; no one is surprised that Trump was fucking pornstars and cheating on his wife. The story turned into a story when he decided to pay the hush money. Maybe I'm wrong and there's something more juicy that we haven't heard yet, but it seems to me that they had a consensual affair and Trump's camp wanted to silence her, and basically every move since then has been digging Trump deeper and deeper into a pile of shit.

    It does seem odd that they were so worried about her, though. If the Access Hollywood tape didn't derail him and none of his racist rhetoric slowed his campaign... did they really think that him banging a pornstar 10 years ago was going to be the final nail in his coffin?
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  4. I am anticipating a shitshow tomorrow since Pence’s daughter is on to promote her children’s book about her bunny rabbit... that John Oliver commissioned a parody of where the bunny is gay, and the profits go to the Trevor Project and AIDS United, and the parody is currently #1 on Amazon... I’m sure Meghan will be worried about the heterosexual bunnies that are being silenced, or something...
  5. Ok but Cory Booker is HOTTTT, even Meghan looked smitten.
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  6. Not Meghan being a fucking Britney stan...

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  7. I thought Whoopi was super rude today telling Sunny and Meghan to take a breath. Sunny hadn't even gotten to finish her sentence and Meghan was interrupting her. You tell Meghan to sssssh and let Sunny finish, Whoopi!
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  8. SureJan.gif to Charlotte “my dad doesn’t have a hateful bone in his body!!” Pence. Um, we saw the tape.
  9. Also Meghan was super misinformed on the topic. What the Obama campaign did and what they were talking about today were two totally different things.
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  10. No mention of John Oliver today (at least in the clips I saw), sad!
  11. I was actually shocked they didn't mention it at all. However, I saw a clip floating around of Ellen DeGeneres with John as her guest, loving his take on the bunny book, and giving it to the whole audience. So the 'daytime mom market' has at least still been informed in some way.
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  12. Apparently the John Oliver book is outselling the Pence book by a large margin. I expected the evangelicals to rush out and buy multiple copies instantly giving the Pence book millions of sales so this is certainly a nice surprise.
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  13. On Ellen, John said they’ve had to run a second printing because they apparently didn’t think people would actually buy the book, so now they’ve sold out. Ha! Take that, Mike and Mother.
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  14. I will say, I have a question: will Megan ever be able to discuss a topic without bringing up Obama?

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  15. I will say, I loved Joy’s lowkey shade when Pence’s daughter was on yesterday, asking if she and Meghan knew each other being part of Republican political families to which the answer was No, and then Joy said Meghan “seems to know a lot of them” despite Meghan introducing her as “her friend.” Awkward.
  16. I will say, I only now got around to watching the Cambridge Analytica segment they did and Meghan is truly insufferable. First bringing up Obama when this situation is completely different (tnis time they stole the data under the guise of using it for academic purposes) and then pivoting to some summit her friends (groan) were invited to where they explained the Republican mind (good luck with that). I really wish the other ladies shut down her spin and misinformation down in a more forceful way, she's basically the embodiment of Fox News.
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  17. I will say, today was another trainwreck:

    Then the producers made Sunny apologize at the end of this segment and Meghan sat there with a big grimace on her face, like she is the arbiter of the law and na nanny boo boo to you:

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  18. Why does Meghan McCain always have to scream/yell? No one else is when she is and it’s not going to make whatever’s flying out of her mouth any more credible than it actually is (it usually isn’t).
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  19. I will say, I just saw this clip from yesterday and can’t stop laughing at how Whoopi took a conversation about Cynthia Nixon running for governor and rerouted it into a critique of CitiBikes and mold in the projects:

  20. I will say, Joy talking about the mating habits of various species with Meghan sitting there arms folded grimacing like she's the Virgin Mary was pretty hilarious.

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