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The View - I WILL SAY, He/She Is A Friend Of Mine.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cathal, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Oh honey, that nepotism segment.
  2. They made Sunny apologize for something she said and Meghan was shaking her head like an upset parent and scolding her. Jesus, how can they even stand her, so self-righteous and humourless.
  3. [​IMG]
    Whoopi didn't actually say anything, but I had her answer anyway.
  4. Ugh, I got to the bit where she went up on the cross again for being discriminated against in New York because she's a republican. Meanwhile her party is trying to push through religious freedom bills so businesses would stop serving gay people in the name of their shitty beliefs. I just can't, the hypocrisy is not even funny anymore, it's just aggravating.
  5. Replace “bar” with “Greatest city on earth”

  6. I will say I've caught myself numerous times in the last few weeks saying something sassy and then pointedly taking a sip from my coffee cup. Meghan's impact.

  7. Sunny is hilarious, she should have just taken a neon flashing arrow and pointed it to her left. “HUMBLE BEGINNINGS!”
  8. The stare Whoopi gives to Meghan at the beginning of the topic gives me life.
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  9. Today's episode... how many times can she bring up the Clintons?

    "Clintons did"... "the Clintons"... "but the Clintons"
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  10. But as she often says the Democrats “need to forget her and move on as it’s doing them no good.” Constantly bringing them up isn’t going to help either!

    I will say, they rarely mention Bush and his administration as a rebuttal on the panel compared to how much the other side (i.e. Meghan) mentions Obama and the Clintons, and if we’re being honest lots of things/problems with the current Republican Party can be traced back to Bush.
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  11. Just getting the US in the Iraq war makes Bush a worse President (so far) than Trump, not to mention the financial crisis.
  12. Stormy’s lawyer is going to be on the show on Monday apparently. I will say, my body is ready.
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  13. I will say, just when I thought Meghan couldn't get more ridiculous, she went and said she 'loves' John Bolton and then went on a rant about how hawkish she is.
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  14. Awww poor Meghan doesn’t like how passionate David Hogg was during his talk and the rhetoric wasn’t about meeting in the middle. Girl, come back and talk to us when your school gets shot up.
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  15. Omg I forgot to mention to y’all...

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  16. Avenatti: I'm a pretty good poker player
    Meghan: So am I

    Sweetie, no one cares and btw, no you're not.
  17. Hahahahaha also Meghan McCain literally less than a month ago on Watch What Happens Live:

    “I have the worst resting bitch face of anyone on planet earth. And when I’m angry, I have the worst poker face, it shows up. It’s very authentic and I’m not going to fake this, because I don’t think there’s a point.... When something frustrates me or angers me, and this is something I need to work on, I have a hard time shaking it off and moving on.... On air, there are definitely segments when I have been frustrated. And you can see it, because my chest turns really red and my face — have you ever noticed I get really blotchy when I get angry? So I’ve got to work on that.”

  18. Hahahahahahaha wow sick burn MM

    EDIT: NOOOOOOOO She deleted the tweet where she replied to Eichenwald by saying "Whatever you say, Mr. weirdo tentacle porn"

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  19. Holy crap, I don't remember seeing this segment:

    Whoopi telling Sunny to "undo [her] lips, please"!!!
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