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The View - I WILL SAY, He/She Is A Friend Of Mine.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cathal, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Scream. Me whenever I report a troll on Popjustice.
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  2. Thank goodness we’ve finally heard from the only person whose opinion actually matters in the world

  3. Is Clay Aiken one of her 'friends', then?
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  4. He sang at her wedding!
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  5. I mean did she not respond to that journalist with “mr. weirdo tentacle porn”?
  6. He started it!!!!

    It does make you wonder if Meghan would have been as irritated if the target of David Hogg’s F-bombs was Roe v. Wade repeal or saving baby seals or anything else except the people that have donated about $8 million over the years to help Daddy’s campaigning the gun culture....
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  7. Not Meghan McCain missing another episode and being replaced today by THE MOOCH!!!!!!
  8. I need Whoopi and Meghan to be both leave at the end of this season, please & thank you.
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  9. She must be seething that she couldn't be there for the Clinton cheating talk.
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  10. Lioness ain’t having it.

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  11. [​IMG]

    YouTube user Leonaza7 reporting the truth.
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  12. Hate crime confirmed.

    I think my new favorite pastime is reading the replies to Meghan’s posts:

  13. Hot damn people are feisty

    (Deleted but it’s probably still in her replies)
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  14. O-M-G they are hilarious (except that last one went too far).
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  15. I have this mental image of Meghan sitting on her couch, sipping tea and watching Roseanne, picking up her phone to check Twitter, and then breaking out in hives.
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  16. You’re right. I just liked how the guy said “go fugg yourself.” I didn’t realize it had two g’s!

    I’ll edit my post, or should I say:

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  17. Wait. What did Meghan do? I’ve been a little MIA with The View this week. Did she say/tweet something bad?
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  18. She called Kurt Eichenwald “Mr. Weirdo Tentacle Porn” which I assume means something ... and apparently she had “food poisoning” the last few days.

    But not to fear, she’s back (sorry, Tweeters and YouTube commenters), and she dropped 3 “I will say”s within a minute. Some things never change.

    Bahahaha she later said “In my home state of Phoenix”
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  19. Life ruined ... Sara's husband Max apparently should have married Meghan

    There was also a 6-part Tweetstorm about due process. Like... I get that you're a lawyer and all but dude, this is what you spend your time worrying about? Don't you have a newborn?
  20. Meghan practically stroked out on air and we're only 11 minutes in.
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