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The View - I WILL SAY, He/She Is A Friend Of Mine.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cathal, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. The cue card! I am DECEASED.
  2. Sometimes I like to think that Meghan is just an Abigail Breslin character.
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  3. Holy shit you’re right
  4. I thought this segment was rather interesting around 2:20, Meghan was about to go off about joking about genocide (which I don't believe anyone truly was) then Whoopi cuts her off and there was an awkward confusing silence. Then towards the end Meghan says "I'm really trying right now and I know there's frustrations about how we're communicating right now". Then just as Meghan starts screaming Whoopi abruptly ends the segment... seems the producers are trying to block Meghan off which I don't think bodes well for her.
  5. First clip I'm watching today and right off the bat Meghan is like 'oh you know, Presidents have been paying off mistresses since the beginning of time'. Okay, but you know if a Democrat did it, Republicans would have grabbed the pitchforks and demanded his impeachment with Meghan leading the charge.
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  6. Her counterpoint to the doorman national enquirer story was that Alexander Hamilton did it in 1791. Meghan. What the hell?!
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  7. Ready for her Broadway/rap debut.
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  8. This GIF. Sunny is giving me life.
  9. You know she went to Hamilton and decided to use it as a talking point.
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  10. The utter contempt that Joy and Sunny have for Meghan is shining through in the last few episodes and I'm totally here for it.

  11. Sunny comes through with the truth as always and the audience approves!
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  12. Sunny going for the jugular! She told no lies.
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    I stan Sunny.
  14. Sunny has been killing it this week.
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  15. Shawn Colvin's "Sunny came home with a vengeance" has new meaning.
  16. My ears are bleeding. Meghan must have had a really chill weekend because she was shrill as fuck today, but Sunny got her good at the end of this segment and left her speechless which was fabulous.

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  17. I liked when Meghan was all “hey James Comey, we’re all going to fillet you on Wednesday!” And Whoopi had to say “ummm not all of us”
  18. She's such a rude asshole. She's the only one that keeps interrupting amd screaming over everyone else's points and thankfully at the end Sunny shut her down and she had to stammer and go to break. She's incapable of having any sort of exchange of opinion without blowing up and attacking. And that ridiculous, completely unprofessional threat towards Comey at the very end proving she has 0 journalistic credibility and is just there to spew republican propaganda. Ship her back to Fox already.

    PS. multiple parts of the Steele dossier have already been verified Meghan.
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  19. I admit I haven’t been paying full attention to the whole thing, but I feel like I recently read ... even if the entire dossier itself hasn’t been 100% verified, everything that could feasibly have been verified so far, has been found to be true? So stop spinning it like that MM!!
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    Why is she unable to keep her cool at all?!???! It must be so frustrating for the others on the panel.
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