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The View - I WILL SAY, He/She Is A Friend Of Mine.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cathal, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Does she even have any opinions that aren't conservative talking points? It seems she has no interest in discussion or the truth but just indiscriminately screeching defense at the slightest criticism of republicans. Is she also pro-Trump now?
  2. dddd she literally said "I will say" 450675 times in that video. She's so unprofessional, it kills me. Her hypocrisy is so glaring. Funny how she says they're gonna "filet" Comey, yet she got mad at the hosts saying they were being too hard on fucking GERALDO RIVERA.
  3. This is what's often so funny to me about Meghan. She supposedly has so many issues with Trump and yet she can't stop defending him. She gives Paul Ryan points for speaking out against the Access Hollywood video as if that wasn't something that literally everyone should have been enraged by, regardless of their political affiliation. Sadly, I imagine the producers love how heated things get so I bet the panel is going to stay the same next year unless Meghan backs out herself.
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  4. Like, you can't announce you intend to 'filet' a guest no matter how badass you think it makes you sound. It just exposes your bias and unprofessionalism. I hope she got a talking to from producers but I'm terrified she brings ratings and we will have to endure her next year too.
  5. Watching live today because Queen Stormy is on. Love them starting with kudos for King Kendrick, too.
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  6. PERCHED for the Stormy interview to be uploaded. I hope she filleted Meghan herself.
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  7. Michael Avenatti....

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  8. Meghan asking if Stormy had thought about affecting the Trump family... that should be his problem, not her's. Huge eye roll at her.
  9. YES! Glad I'm not the only one who thinks he's fit.
  10. Seriously I wish she had answered, "Do you think Trump thinks about his family?"
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  11. Trump who cheated on his third wife right after she gave birth with a pornstar and a playboy model (and that's just what's come out).

    Yeah, it's Stormy's fault, Meghan.
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  12. Did Meghan do interviews before or was she always just a commentator? When she doesn't like someone it just comes off... way too obvious. Like, there's asking tough questions and then there's just being obnoxious, and Meghan always falls into the latter category.
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  13. OK but maybe Stormy can convince Michael to be in her next film, since she is such an auteur director and all. Finally a tape I’d want to watch!!!
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  14. FACEPLANTS!!!!!
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  15. Meghan is the epitome of idiotic white people during this administration. Absolute trash.
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  16. She's just another Laura Ingraham, perpetually outraged, perpetually spewing propaganda. It's just that her idiocy is tempered by the other ladies on the panel.
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  17. LOL not even 4 minutes into the Comey interview and the whole panel dig in at Meghan.

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  18. I liked when Whoopi told Trump ¡CÁLLATE LA BOCA! and then Sunny went loca!
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  19. I am no fan of Comey and fully believe he swung the election to Trump but he carried himself very well today. Meghan made a complete ass of herself again, constantly trying to ambush him and embarrass him and when he wouldn't rise to the bait she got more and more emotional, constantly cutting him off and talking over him. Obviously, my favorite part was when she said Hoover would be embarrassed for him or something and everyone else on the panel started openly laughing at her because Hoover was a disgrace.
  20. The filleting never happened! It was barely a nick.
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