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The View - starring MeAgain McCain

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cathal, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. So far this year Joy seems to be holding back from really hitting back at Meghan . However I feel it won’t take long for Sunny to really bite back at her.
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  2. You mean hard hitting topics like Bachelor Contestant Fakes Accent and Spouse Making Plans Without You?
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  3. Exactly!
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  4. Malalegend was on the show today. And probably wished she had brought a less fleeting headscarf.

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  5. Anybody know what AOC has done to warrant the Whoopi diatribe?
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  6. She mentions John Lewis and Dianne Feinstein by name, so I think its a 'respect your elders and don't disregard what they have done' diatribe. Whoopi, unlike Joy, doesn't seem to get that there's such a dramatic shift in how the Democratic party thinks over 50 versus how the under 50 set thinks.

    Alexandria is just vocal about how she feels and isn't afraid to let us know it. She speaks to her generation and the generation coming up because we have become so politically active. We see how politicians bullshit to get re-elected and rarely stick to their words.

    Also, poor Malala even having to sit in the same room as Me-Again. Malala is a pure spirit who has been through so much and only wants to affect real change.
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  7. Kamala Harris. What. A. Woman.
  8. Her segments were A SLAY. Harris/O'Rourke 2020 please.


  9. It's honestly astonishing how Meghan doesn't realise how egotistical she sounds here. As if her opinion matters more than literally anyone else's in America/the political punditry sphere.
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  10. Agreed to the post above. She always has to chime her two cents "Well I [counters whatever arguments]" to the point as if because she does something different, she's more important. I feel for her loss but she really needs to handle formulating and standing behind her point without coming off condescending or dismissing the rebuttals from Joy, Sunny, Whoopi etc.
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  11. I really don't think there's any hope for Meghan in this regard ^^^^. I don't know if it's her personality or upbringing but she is BEYOND self-obsessed and also completely indignant and unreasonable. Like BEYOOOOOOOOOND self-obsessed. In another realm of self obsession.
    I mean has no one mentioned it to her that she goes on TV everyday and pivots every conversation about any topic back to herself somehow? It really is astounding and cringeworthy.
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  12. Honestly I’m surprised to know that we may be the only people on the planet who think an average of 3.6 “I will say...”’s per episode is problematic.
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  13. Apparently Meghan stans Lady Gaga and ASIB so now I'm very conflicted.
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  14. Why would you ever doubt that she knows what's up when she's friends with a movie critic?
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  15. Me-Again lying through her teeth this morning, stating 79% think there is a crisis at the border. The actual poll she is referring to only has 42% viewing it as a crisis.

    Can someone fire this trashbag?
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  16. She grew up with ALL the silver spoons in her mouth. The entitlement was always going to be huge with this one.

    I just wish they had a young liberal on the panel who embraces the troll mentality of the social media generation and would take it to her.

    Joy, Whoopi and Sunny have been around too long and have fought thru too many barriers in their respective careers to truly take down someone like Meghan on television. They wouldn't do that to their own reputations, particularly after the death of her father, as there's nothing to gain by it... but a wildcard liberal with nothing to lose and building a media profile? They would have a field day.
  17. If only Hasan Piker from Young Turks was a female, he is literally what you described plus incredibly intelligent on political topics. And I loathe the Young Turks.
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  19. Bring Raven back!
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  20. HAHAHAHA Meghan quoted Ben Shapiro the head conservative twitter idiot HAHHAHAHAHAH
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