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The View - starring MeAgain McCain

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cathal, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. He sure enjoys a shirtless selfie, huh? I don’t hate it.
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  2. DDD at her "OBVIOUSLY I DISAGREE WITH THAT" when Joy called Obama "lovable".
  3. Raven couldn’t formulate and express a clear thought about anything outside of Janet Jackson 98% of the time. She would flail. And if I heard “I’ve been working since I was one...!!!!” One more damn time...
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  4. Please can they get rid of Abi and get Ana on full time? The way she winds up these gammon is superb, I’d love to see her take on Me-again properly.

  5. That's perfect for mirroring Meghan's energy, no?
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  6. No
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  7. Once again, have to laugh at Me-Again starting off the first topic talking about her anxiety over the government shutdown. Girl, you don't care. You just want the Dems to cave and give the Racistpublicans funding for the wall.

    They have been pushing bills to reopen the government and good ol Mitch McConnell keeps rejecting them. Call your Republicunt friends up and tell them to give us the Veto proof majority to reopen the government.

    ETA: And she goes on about her own weight struggles when they're trying to talk about Melissa McCarthy. She's so self-obsessed.
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  8. I can't with Meghan telling Dems what to do, when she damn knows, if they give in - then, Trump will pull this move every time. A path out of this shutdown was already offered, but Trump doesn't want to accept it.

    What it's crazy that they don't seem to grasp why Trump wants this wall now more than ever. He just got historically crushed in the mid-terms and 2020 is coming soon. He needs an excuse to re-energize (or, at this point, pretty much revive) his base.
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  9. Did I mishear it or was Abby talking about how great a reporter Jonathan Karl was and then Beggin' chimed in with "I actually had the opposite experience with him, he was embedded on my dad's campaign, great guy!" Like.......
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  10. I heard that too and had to double take. She’s such an idiot.
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  11. I haven't even pressed play and I'm already screaming. I love Ana.

    ETA: Joy wasn't here for Sunny's mess -- "Just give him 5b for the wall" and "Maybe he's an equal-opportunity-angry person?" -- today at all.
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  12. Whoopi was the only one to laugh at Joy's Pavarotti joke.

    Also, shut up Meghan.
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    But... it is all Trump's fault. The shutdown is literally a temper tantrum over the fact that he couldn't keep a promise he made. The Democrats shouldn't be giving in and agreeing to give $5B of taxpayer money to useless project that will do nothing for the American people.
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  14. They don’t push back hard enough against Meghan’s bullshit. They need to get someone who can call her out on her bullshit and shut down her tantrums.
    Edit: also Whoopi need to go, she’s just a mess to be honest. I’d love to see Yvette Nicole Brown back.
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  15. And also... if I am remembering the timeline correctly... there is a bill that Chuck and Nancy AND many Republicans agree on... yet Trump won’t sign it and Mitchy won’t let it go to a vote because he knows Trump won’t sign it. (Never mind that 2/3 could overturn a veto though...)
    I’m not sure what Mego-ego expects Chuck and Nancy to do if Trump won’t even sign something that has bipartisan support...
  16. Oh my God, the dumbass equivalence between Chuck & Nancy and the orange clown in charge. They are working Meghan, they keep coming to him with proposals but he's holding the country hostage to look tough to his racist base. Don't even try this "they're all garbage" bullshit.
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  17. What Chuck and Nancy really need to do is put it to Mitch's throat. Pass a new bill everyday through the House that moves a little bit more left every single day; sort of like "this is the best deal you're gonna get".

    875,000 people aren't getting paid today; 875,000 peoples checking accounts are going to be overdrawn because the rent is due and he must pay!; 875,000 people can't pay their bills today.

    Only 15% of federal workers work in the DC/VA/MD area. Republican Senators are gonna start hearing about it from their constituents and it's going to fuck them in the long run; especially when you have every major news network reporting that Mitchy is refusing to bring bills to the floor that could reopen the government.
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  18. I googled and oh hello there!
  19. You're all welcome. My woke Turkish bae.
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  20. I really hate that the current narrative being spun on the View seems to be that oh, everybody is responsible for the shut down. No, Trump is solely responsible, he said as much last month, and he needs to take full accountability for it. So when Me-again and Abi wheel the lie out again, Joy really needs to push back harder.
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