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The View - starring MeAgain McCain

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cathal, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Yes! And they seem to have put John McCain on some kind of pedestal, simply because he was Meghan’s dad. They seem to have this thing about respecting these politician that have come before but why should they get respected when they don’t deserve it? They treat Meghan with kid gloves or maybe they just can’t be bothered. You can see that Joy holds back a lot, even though sometimes she does let it rip but she’s reigned in fairly fast.
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  2. I wish someone would just make Me-Again cry and tell her the kind of man her daddy really was.
  3. Meghan was so transparent yesterday trying to frame the shutdown as a “both sides” issue or a failing of “politics as usual”. Conservatives love pretending they’re so principled but never actually apply those principles.
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  4. Republicans in the age of Trump have 0 principles or morals, they just swing around in the wind trying to save face for their horrific decisions. The very thought of Obama holding the goverment hostage over a juvenile strop for a wall that won't even make a difference (most illegal immigrants and drugs come in through legal points of entry and airports) would make their heads explode yet they fully back Trump doing it. The republican party and its voters are a disgrace and a threat to America.
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  5. “You just wanna talk about your damn chickens!”
  6. This interview was very uncomfortable to watch

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  7. I've never heard about any of this drama. Interesting....
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  8. I...............don't know what to say. I never had any idea about this drama either but Meghan was super rude as per usual. Maybe she should use that anger against Trump....
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  9. I enjoyed when Joy was talking the other day about Trump doing something and Meghan railed “IF THAT ANNOYS YOU THEN YOU SHOULD NOT SUPPORT TULSI GABBARD EITHER!!!!!” like........ topic. Stay on it.
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  10. YES! That was so annoying. Whataboutism needs to die.
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  11. I find it hard to take anyone’s interview/“argument” seriously if you have to read the talking points and follow-up questions directly off your card...
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  12. I would've loved if Joy had told her to stay on topic, as this is something that Meghan always rudely says to Joy.

    I'll say... and I can't believe I'm saying this... I kinda lived for Meghan during the Woman's March interview. I know the only reason she did this, is because it's part of her anti-liberal agenda - but I'm glad someone actually pushed them on these issues. Now... I'd only wish Meghan did this when it came to people in the GOP as well...
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  13. “A lot of people—and by a lot of people I include myself—think you’re using your organization as anti-Semitism masked in activism and you’re using identity politics to shield yourself from criticism...”

    Coming from a fucking member of the fucking GOP.
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  14. Meghan was right to call it out but a hypocrite because of whom she represents and supports daily.
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  15. Sounds like today was lit again


    I fucking CHOKED.
  17. Meghan hun no one cares about your goddamn father anymore, he was an unprincipled piece of conservative shit that voted on the right side of history like twice in his career and thank fuck Obama beat his ass handily in 2008 so we were spared of your dumb ass as a first daughter.
  18. Oh my god.

    I've wanted to scream bloody murder because of Meghan the past two days.

    1. The false equivalency about Tulsi and Trump was mind numbing. One is a conservative, lesser-known democratic congresswoman and the other is THE PRESIDENT. Her whataboutism is disgusting.

    2. The identity politics thing on today's episode was not. the fucking. point. Are 42% of the people who support the wall racist? I mean, YEAH! I am willing to bet that they are. It has nothing to do with their identities. Her getting so upset just means she knows there's truth in what Sunny was saying.

    I love hate-watching her.
  19. When she went on that rant about “I WANT THIS SHOW TO BE GREAT! NO BROAD STROKES!” made me want to punch my TV.

    Girl, you’ve been here for 5 minutes. Shut the fuck up.

    She completely lost it today.
  20. I only caught the last half of the show today. Sounds like I was lucky.
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