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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. I felt compelled to post about The View because I am enjoying it so much recently. The focus on politics seems to be swinging it back on top in the ratings and I just feel like everything is right at the moment.

    The panel is the best it's been in years, perhaps ever. Jedediah Bila is a conservative you can actually like and listen to their point of view (Paula Faris though, bleurgh) and Sara Haines has grown exponentially in confidence. Joy and Whoopi are legends as always. The only one that annoys me slightly sometimes is Sunny Hostin, who seems a bit smug.

    I think the show has found its feet again after ditching Raven especially and the revolving door of temporary panellists.
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  2. I completely agree with you!

    It's been so good as of late.
  3. I watch the show every morning while I work. I love it and definitely have to agree with you. The current lineup is pretty much perfect. Sara Haines has really grown on me and seems like the most interesting one out of the newer people on the table. Jedidiah is messy though. She takes two steps forward and then opens her mouth again and gets dragged back 10 or so steps. Sunny is ok but when it comes to religion talk, she goes a little off.

    Paula is the absolute worst though. There's definitely a reason why Whoopi takes her day off on Fridays.
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  4. Never forget!
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  5. I work in the international politics arena and the dirty little secret of the last 2 years is that The View is the most important voice on television right now, as far as keeping politicians honest.

    The lineup is perfect, although I think I would have preferred Nicolle Wallace over Jedidiah. I actually think Sunny is a much needed voice and point of view and adds legal credibility.
  6. It speaks to the power of the show that there are so many knock-offs now, between The Talk, The Chew, The Real, The Noun.
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  7. It's interesting how the political climate in America has helped certain shows (The View, Seth Meyers, Colbert) and hindered others (The Tonight Show and the Fallout from Fallon's Trump interview).
  8. The View is great. Although Sunny went way down in my estimation yesterday when she was tweeting about how bakeries should be allowed to deny service to gay couples on religious grounds. Fuck off. The unfollow button was hit hard.
  9. As much as I hate it, she does have a legal point. You can't be ok with private establishments refusing to serve hate groups, but then not allow other private businesses to turn away patronage of those they feel are an affront to their moral compass, just because you may not be offended by that particular group.
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  10. Not to derail the conversation, but I thought the weird thing about Sunny's argument is that private businesses are subject to the local non-discrimination laws, which can cover protected classes such as race, gender identity, sexual orientation etc... being in the KKK is not an inherent characteristic, so much like you can tell people you can't come in without shoes on or if they have a non-service animal with them, it's not illegal to "discriminate" against someone for something that they are voluntarily doing? I guess that's what the courts are for.

    Edited to add: Or maybe it's more that the city/town/whatever has the right to not give you a license for your business if you are not going to adhere to the city/town/whatever's non-discrimination policies? Like, you can think gay people are evil all you want to, but you have no constitutional right to own a business... and if the municipality has laws, you have to follow them or you have to go somewhere else?

    As for the View, I was really mad when they did Michelle Collins so dirty. I was so happy that they announced her as a full panelist, as she was definitely in the Joy Behar "comedian who pipes in with a funny take" role... and then they brought Joy back too! And while everybody else got to have a long, drawn out goodbye and official farewell, they just...kept reducing her days until she basically disappeared. Sad!
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  11. ...Except gay people aren't hate groups, it turns out. Don't bring that false equivalency mess in here, please.
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  12. I don't understand why people peddle out this comparison all the time when it makes no sense, and is actually quite disgusting. Of course there is a difference. Not serving someone because they're gay is discrimination, not serving someone because they're a white supremacist is completely acceptable.
  13. When Whoopi was on Wendy Williams earlier in this TV season, I remember her saying that this was probably going to be her last year on the show.... but haven't heard anything since. Maybe she likes having the platform now that "the new guy" is still in office?

    The disgust that Whoopi seems to have for Joy is delicious.
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  14. The current lineup really is the strongest it's been in ages... I find myself actually wanting to turn the TV on at 11 to see what they're talking about. I'm glad they ditched Raven and Michelle, and Paula works once a week. I started tuning in regularly again during the election cycle, and while it can often be infuriating (Jed tries so hard to play devils advocate all the time), it's often interesting and always entertaining. They have a good collection of opposing views - as some of you point out, even Sunny leans conservative on many topics. She only recently came around to abortion rights, I believe. I wonder if when Whoopi leaves they'll get a new host or put Paula back in rotation more? I think Joy works great as the moderator... I'd love to see Ana Navarro at the table.
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  15. Oh boy

    "Artistic endeavors"? Good god.
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  16. What kind of gross attempt at humanising homophobia. They did not go at all hard enough on him.
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  17. I couldn't deal with Joy being moderator... I love her but I don't think she has the strength of opinion that Whoopi expresses. She's the comic relief, while Whoopi is star power all guns blazing.
    As someone already said, I really liked Nicolle Wallace also but I almost felt like she was too chummy with Whoopi to get hot and heavy with her. The balance is great right now with Jed not appearing to hold back much but there being no outright hostility a la Rosie and Elizabeth. Would genuinely hate to see Paula Faris in regular rotation. She is void of any emotion and not made for TV.
    If Whoopi leaves they'll have to replace her with some inspired casting. I almost feel bad for wishing they would axe Sara Haines before because I completely LOVE her now... she just needed the confidence to express herself and I think she's found her feet
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  18. I love that Whoopi takes her day off whenever Paula is on the panel. Aka She can't stand to be on the show with her.

    Sarah Haines grew on me so much. There was one episode where she went on for a whole segment about the 5 second rule and it was amazing.

    It's because she's religious.
  19. I low-key stan for Jed. She's so messy but sometimes shows growth.
  20. Get Diane Lockhart on the case.
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