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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cathal, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. They were all so incredibly rude to her. She took one minute to talk about something she's obviously very proud about and they jump all over her? And Meghan, who constantly talks all over everyone and thinks her opinion is the only one that matters, had the nerve to whine about Sunny? I can't even.
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  2. They all just completely missed the point on this one. Forcing your daughter to go to the doctor to get her hymen checked every year is degrading, a violation and completely humiliating. When Abby started on “PC culture” it literally sounded like something out of the Handmaids Tale.
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  3. Abby coming in with the worst take of all time. Praising TI for being controlling, sexist and borderline abusive because it's anti-PC culture? Jesus Christ.

    Also, her little free speech spiel about Facebook. Free speech doesn't mean Facebook should allow lies on its platform, Abby. I was also surprised to see Sunny come down on the free speech side. It's obvious Americans are too lazy to fact check and see what is true and what is propaganda and those lazy shits are dictating the lives of everyone else. Facebook does have a responsibility about what it promotes on its platform.
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  4. Screaming at Meghan managing to fit not only a mention but a clip of her dad into this conversation. But she actually spoke the most sense during this segment.
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  5. Oh my GOD Whoopi is going on about Andrew Yang again.
  6. Dear producers... PLEASE stop putting food on the table when Whoopi is moderating. Sis can't stop herself from stuffing her face right before she has to talk.
  7. Interesting that they just re-uploaded Sunny's book announcement minus the other hosts being rude to her.
  8. its what she deserves.gif
  9. I'm sure Sunny and her publishing company were pissed (rightfully so) that their chance to promote the book was thwarted by Meghan & Whoopi rudely interrupting and making dismissive comments and maybe requested/were given an edited YouTube video as consolation?

    The YouTube comments were extremely critical towards Whoopi and Meghan which didn't help.
  10. Ronan Farrow was acting like a complete faggot as a guest co-host today, and I loved it. He's a lot better when not playing serious journalist.
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  11. I think Joy moderating and Yvette Nicole Brown filling in is my favorite lineup. I can even almost tolerate Abby's idiocy ("I feel sorry for Kellyanne Conway, she's getting bullied").
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  12. I was about to make fun of Meghan for huffing and rolling her eyes again but Abby literally made the argument that racism is solved because Obama was president and I just can't anymore.
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  13. I was hoping Yvette Nicole Brown returning to the table was an omen that my vision board of her at the table full-time was becoming a reality...

    Because the last time I tried to use my voodoo powers for good, we got Michelle "Done The Dirtiest Of Any Co-Host Ever" Collins for a hot minute.

    Speaking of, have you all seen Michelle's video series with Adam Rippon for Cosmopolitan called Relationship Rehab? It's high-key hilarious.

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  14. I have such a crush on him.
  15. Watching Meghan scoff at Sunny, cross her arms in front of herself, and snipe "Just forget it... forget it!" only to have Joy lose her train of thought and then dismiss the whole thing and start laughing was so delicious...
  16. Not really a word you should use, sis.
  17. I love that Sunny is finally pushing back on Meghan's immaturity and petulance.

    Meghan: I'm not finished!
    Sunny: Actually, I'm not finished.
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  18. The more I think about this, the more it infuriates me. Like Whoopi has any right to be judging anyone’s books when her contributions to the literature include such gems as If Someone Says “You Complete Me,” RUN!, Is It Just Me? Or Is It Nuts Out There?, and of course, who can forget her groundbreaking work, Book.
    But these are mere birdcage linings compared to her masterpiece The Unqualified Hostess, where she offers ‘unique’ suggestions like “Put Troll Dolls out on the table!” which feels very
    to me.
  19. Quite happy to be corrected but although I don't really care for it I have a feeling it's a word that's been reclaimed more readily in the UK than the US? (Possibly because it wasn't as widely used as an anti-gay slur in the UK compared to the US).
  20. Abby is showing her ass today. Her complaining about Joy bringing up the kids at the border saying there is no relation to them and the Baron mention at the Impeachment hearings. Melania can't be offended about her son when children are kept in cages and away from their parents in horrible conditions.

    COME ON. I'm hoping these guest hosts are trial runs for who's taking her seat next.

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