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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. My first instinct was of course bring back Sara, Abby was her replacement after all. However, I think that's just a pipe dream we all have. My second thought was...oh damn is this why Whoopi randomly mentioned Jedidiah out of the blue? Seeing as how the season just started, I think we will just have Ana and or guest hosts (like Yvette) for the remainder of the time. They could go so many ways if Ana is still turning full time down. They could go another Republican, when I go see my dad sometimes he has this insane View like show on Fox News and there is a girl Emily, who was a lawyer that I think would do well...she doesn't make my skin crawl as much as the rest of them. They could get a young ultra progressive, basically Meghan in a democrat form. Perhaps a woman of asian or middle eastern decent? I would love a trans woman or at least a member of the LGBTQ community as well. Lots of ways they could go.
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  2. I would love a young progressive just to see the sparks fly with Meghan. Yvette Nicole Brown is my favorite guest co-host, she's smart, funny and reasonable but I don't know if she brings the sizzle producers want.
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  3. I used to like Yvette but isn't she a pretty staunch supporter of Michael Jackson?
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  4. Oh I had no clue. Oops.
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  5. At one point I think I heard Crabby say something about coming back after the campaign ended??
  6. The obvious choice to me is Ana, but on the other hand, she might not be considered conservative enough to replace Abby.
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  7. I saw the segment and I kind of felt bad. Abby is pointless and a little naive but she does seem like a sweet, easy going girl. I wish her the best.

    She did seem very non-committal about returning though. "Maybe I'll be back in this seat, you never know". I wonder if we're getting the full story.
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  8. Bring back Tara Setmayer!!
  9. They really need a young progressive who can speak to issues like climate change and healthcare in a way that the current panel can’t/won’t, and who can take on Meghan directly. Somebody like Ana Kasparian, but they would never be that brave.
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  10. Honestly I was only thinking over the weekend that Abby was (finally) beginning to find her voice on the panel so I’m disappointed that she’s leaving now.

    I think Yvette would be a good replacement but she does have some problematic views (and I’ve been blocked by her on Twitter after I pointed out to her that she was retweeting inspirational quotes from an account that wasn’t actually Will Smith like she thought it was).
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  11. Of course Meghan managed to somehow make the fact that Abby is leaving about her. Insufferable.
  12. We stan a truth-telling legend in @Utopia !
  13. Meghan picked a fight with her because she talked about her kids and Meghan has fertility issues? I understand being sensitive to that if thats the topic at hand but you can't just be mad at someone for talking about their children. How does she function in the world?
  14. I was just thinking this. Like, I guess better late than never that she crystallizes into a person with syntax and a backbone, but then like, OK bye thanks for coming?

    Also, I fucking died when Meghan robotically flatlined, "We'll miss you. You are such a bright light in everyone's life."
  15. This needs to win the VMA for Video of The Year.
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  16. I hope this Harry & Meghan thing gets solved fast so we don't have to keep listening to Whoopi doing her "English" accent when she introduces the discussion.
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  17. Seriously.

    Whoopi just isn't funny without a script like Joy is. Her "valley girl" accent needs to GTFO as well.
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