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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. I love Joy, but she's beginning to sound like Fred Armisen impersonating her from SNL, going on about her ill fitting brassiere. I stan it tbh.
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  2. Joy's commitment to the word 'brassiere' is everything.
  3. The conservatives are fighting!

  4. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Me bopping to Meghan and Elisabeth fighting because I hate both so much

  5. Island

    Island Staff Member

  6. It's clearly to mock them both, sis.
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  7. I always find my way back to this clip.

    2:50 and onward
    The look on Abby’s face when Yvette shuts her down!!
  8. Barbara was so problematic. I also remember an incident when she asked Wendy if her husband was her baby's father!!!

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  9. Okay, I'm kind of on board for bringing Hasselbeck back to the show full-time just to spite Meghan now knowing they have beef and won't be all buddy/buddy. Even tho Hasselbeck is insufferable, one thing you have to give her credit for... she certainly isn't boring. She knows how to create drama and good TV.
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  10. I would have applauded had Monique gathered her and smacked her. Imagine being so rude and classless. The shade and insults that Monique laughed off. Not to mention, Whoopi basically telling Monique years later she had to "play the game" and "I can coach you...".
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  11. I made this gif back when that happened, but try as I might, I couldn't get this gif to "happen".

    Welcome back to life, Lasagna Gif.
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  12. I'm screaming.

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  13. Not sure about Meghan's swiping of Ana's turban look!!!
  14. Oh boy, The View finally covering the Joe Biden / Tara Reade situation.
  15. Were they excusing him? Wouldn't be surprised.
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  16. It was sort of Q+A style with an ABC News reporter who I think they said normally covers the Congressional beat. I believe it was Sunny who talked about Tara Reade's story "evolving" and how she had come forward during the previous "Biden is gross around women" furor. Joy brought up how Trump's multiple accusations. Apparently Don Jr is tweeting out about Tara Reade...... because all the women who have made allegations about his father (including his own mother) are full of it, but Tara isn't, I guess?
    Maybe I'm reading too much into it (or the fact that the SNL sketches about The View always had some element of Joe Biden worship to them) but all four of the hosts kinda seemed like they were doing this topic under threat of being held hostage or something.
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  17. It's hilarious that when it comes to accusations against Republicans, it's all "WE NEED TO LISTEN TO WOMEN!" and Sunny typically goes on at length about how stories can change, how women can take years to come forward, how evidence is impossible... and now it's, "well, her story has evolved..."
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  18. Paula Faris on the show? Really????? Ugggggggh.

    Omg somebody threw an apple at her head before a live shot and went to work the next day with a concussion!
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