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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. You were at my building, Denise...
  2. I'm warming up to Meghan. Maybe she's finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

  3. So Meghan’s been caught out in a complete lie. Love that for her!
  4. I'm a bit shook by them not being live this week, but then I remember... would Whoopi's RuPaul chair psychology have caused more problems than resolved them? Probably more than likely. It's best to air out this shit wherever possible.
  5. Fortunately you don’t have to wonder because here she is!!

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  6. I love the "I am six months pregnant" introduction.

    How dare they call me out for lying when I am with child.
  7. Scream! Love you @WowWowWowWow
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  8. These mofos...
  9. I am dying. She’s so abhorrent and predictable.

    She ran to Virginia to be surrounded by all her guns.
  10. And I believed her, wow. She is never going to change.
  11. How can somebody in the public eye be so completely oblivious to the fact that she was going to be found out about such an obvious lie? I mean maybe it’s that she’s never been properly pulled up on anything in her entire life, but still....
  12. I think even worse, she carefully worded the tweet so she could get out of it when found out. The way she says "My neighbourhood in Manhattan" looks like she's adding some distance from where she is now, but only in hindsight and very subtly. I think Meghan is far more contrived than most give her credit, and I find that more unsettling than if she just lacked self-awareness.

    I also can't believe they're not live this week. For quite some time now they've been positioning themselves as one of the nation's most important political shows and yet they take hiatus like they're Wendy Williams?

    And meanwhile you've got Loose Women (Loose Women!!) managing to deliver items like this:

  13. MeAgain deserves nothing from any of us. She literally hops into bed with The Federalist every night. #absolutetrash
  14. This aged like milk.
  15. White culture.
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  16. Meghan was fucking on one today about how "defunding the police" is going to be a big boost for Trump's base and then told Sunny and Joy to stop "spinning" things, right after she brought up - for the second day in a row - a quote by Ilhan Omar (since Ilhan Omar represents the POV of ALL Democrats, just like Trump represents all Republicans, right Meg?) and somebody from somewhere who said something like "It would be my honor to call the police" (.... is that a good thing or a bad thing in this case?) -- GO HAVE YOUR BABY IN VIRGINIA AND LEAVE US ALONE
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