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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. It would be ridiculous to have all left leaning co-hosts.
    I just feel like MeAgain lacks the humour and grace to be watchable anymore. I never agreed with 90% of what Jed would say but you couldn’t help but like her a bit?
    Not only do I dislike MeAgain for her general condescension, inconsistency, lack of basic manners and trash opinions - watching her face looking like a slapped ass everyday makes me genuinely weary and unwilling to tune in to have to look at her.
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  2. I think though, at the moment, you either have Republicans like Meghan or like Ana Navarro or Tara Setmayer, who will both just echo and agree with the anti-Trump, anti-current GOP rhetoric of the other girls. Which is for sure more respectable and decent, but let's face it less entertaining to watch. Didn't people say even Jed become a lot more right-wing post-The View to carve out a role with Fox?
  3. Ok fine they can keep Meghan but it's obvious Abby (literally had to look up her name) isn't coming back so Sara can slip back into her old seat.
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  4. Sara brings the exact same point of view as Sunny, Joy and Whoopi being centre-left. I think Abby should be replaced by someone who is properly left wing. The 3 mentioned above sound so out of touch and elitist sometimes talking about Democrat talking points (see the unabashed support of Biden and lack of discussion about Bernie for the whole primary).

    Ironically I think Keke would be the one to take from Strahan Sara and Keke, but I think she can do better than The View at this point in her career still probably?
  5. The best way to spice up the show would be to put a true progressive on the panel.

    Create some actual debate amongst the mostly-left panel, and get Meghan fuming on a regular basis.
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  6. I mean... she was doing the flop 3rd hour of GMA that was canceled. I think The View would be a pretty respectable step up from that. I'd like to see them test her out.

    I still really think Whoopi has to leave to really shake things up. Move Joy or Sunny to moderator position, bring in a young progressive + another conservative.
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  7. Joy squashed that rumor a while back.
  8. Yes - as a Brit I find it baffling that an actress with multiple award winning performances from her childhood and a still rising adult career (Hustlers was only last year) is doing light entertainment daytime tv gigs... wouldn’t really happen in the UK...
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  9. Keke's problem is she is a bit like Hailee Steinfeld. She is incredibly talented at so many things that she focuses 25% of her energy on acting, 25% of her energy on singing, 25% of her energy on tv hosting and 25% of her energy on xyz.

    She needs to focus on one thing and really go hard at it. I don't discredit her for being able to do everything but she has yet to nail down that one thing she can create a legacy on and branch out.
  10. I would be happy with a new segment called “Sorry To This Man” though!
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  11. Meghan is probably sitting at home, laughing her ass off and smoking a cigar out of her AK47.

    Bring Abby back too. I miss being able to complain about her.
  12. Joy Behar on Betsy Devos: "She sucks."

    Joy as Meghan hollers that she's so tired of always hearing Joy saying Republicans want people to die and that they don't care about children or education: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Today's episode is liT.
  13. I mean... it's true.
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  14. And then in segment 2, Joy clarifies that she meant Republicans in Congress, not the average Republican, and then snaps at Meghan "Do not say that to me again!"
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  15. I can't wait to watch, I have a miserably long day of meetings ahead. I'll so enjoy watching Joy scalp Meghan at the end of this day. I've missed these ladies. Or at least Joy and Sunny.
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  16. Joy is gonna beat her ass one day.

  17. The Cancel Culture debate was frustrating today because Sunny was making so much sense and rebutting all of Meghan’s stupid claims but Whoopi kept interrupting her with her string of consciousness talk.

  18. Looking forward to Meghan trying to shoehorn this story into hot topics through the week. Not her friend Bari!!
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  19. Bari probably got froze out after she live tweeted a private work meeting and mischaracterized what was being said. Now she’s trying to turn the situation into another one of her free speech grifts.
  20. "A bookcase fell in my attic and woke me up at 4:00 in the morning."
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