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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Surprised she didn't say it was the ghost of her father.
  2. It irritates me that Whoopi always has this sour look on her face when Sunny tries to serve facts to Meghan and interrupts with her random babble that makes no sense in the end. Joy is clearly over Meghan judging by her "Is she for real" and snickering half the time.
  3. Oh my GOD, Joy did not come to fuck around this week! "She's still talking Whoopi!!" She's really not letting Meghan's shit slide.

    The thought of Meghan eating Chick-fil-A and watching Tim Allen movies is... basically how I picture her at home anyway?
  4. Whoopi was giving major WTF face during the Brittany Cross interview, it was amazing
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  5. What's weird about the Joy and Meghan relationship is the video shows that they actually do seem to get along, it just falls apart when they're on the air.

    I also find Meghan as annoying as everyone else but she's likeable in this interview! A totally different person.
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  6. I think Meghan is pissed she’s not getting to walk on the show every day cradling her bump and a photo of her father . Just seeing her face from home means she’s not getting the attention she needs.
  7. Yes this segment was everything. Sunny and Joy were just like “this is not happening today”. And it was a scream how Meghan was snipping at Joy for interrupting and then tried to talk all over Sunny.

    Also, why does Whoopi always come to Meghan last? She always has the last word on everything and often Sunny and Joy don’t have a chance to correct her.

  8. Finally, one version of those memes that speaks to me.

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  9. Hahahahahaha
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  10. Good on her but she has a very distinctive way of wording things to make it all about herself doesn't she.

    She could have said "we won an Emmy this year - he's never won one ever". I wonder how many times she says I, me and my during each show as a ratio to the others.
  11. Did Meghan really say she took six weeks bereavement leave but that four weeks is considered normal? My work gave me three days when my dad died in January and I had to use vacation time for an extra two.
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  12. Mary Trump shitting on Meghan's questions today was iconic.
  13. Meghan making her question to Mary Trump about why she thinks the latter is a gold digger and why she should be convinced otherwise is, frankly, iconic levels of self-absorption.
  14. I enjoyed when Whoopi said something to the effect of “Have I looked like a pineapple this whole time and nobody told me?!”
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  15. Has anybody noticed that apart from saying “my friend” all the time, Meghan unnecessarily says “right now” in almost every sentence? I can’t really explain it but listen out for it and you won’t unnotice it.
  16. ddddd Meghan having a FIT and saying there's no place for conservative voices on TV when... she is a fulltime panelist on The View? Also scream at her telling Whoopi that she wasn't there for the interview with the Woman's March founders, when...


  17. *Michael-Jackson-I-love-this-song.gif*
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  18. SARA!!!
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  19. I cannot get over Meghan telling Whoopi she wasn't at the interview of the two women leading the women's march, when Whoopi was adamant she was. Only to look it up on YouTube, and Whoopi was right. Did Meghan think Joy was hosting that day or what? Absolutely hilarious. I'm not one to quickly defend rambling off on a tangent Whoopi, but Whoopi was right!
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