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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Meghan was straight up lethargic today on the taped episode!
  2. I just hope she takes extended maternity leave.
  3. I really hate how Meghan brings up the changing advice every opportunity she gets when she speaks about Dr Fauci. I mean the whole point is that we’re still learning about this disease so the advice given back in February might be a bit different to the advice now as we know more. It’s not hard to understand, and shouldn’t be used to discredit the only person talking any sense at the moment.

  4. Oh my God, what he initially said about masks and the virus not being as bad keeps getting trotted out by mask truthers. Do they not grasp the concept of a novel virus? We are still learning about it.
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  5. I assumed at least part of the reason they said not to buy masks was because Americans are greedy fucks who would try to stockpile them, before people who actually needed them could get them.

    Meanwhile, I didn’t watch the end of the Friday episode if they announced it but RIP this thread until September.

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  6. Oh they're off for the entire month? Unfortunate. I was hoping in the midst of this quarantine and avalanche of election news I would have something to watch but I guess they earned their time off. Until September it is, then.
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  7. Who will cover Meghan? I hope it's Ana. I love Sara and everything (not sure if her show with Michael and Keke will return), but the constant shade that Ana chucks is too good. Her and Joy bounce off one another so well.
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  8. Pretty sure Sara's GMA... extension? got cancelled.
  9. I like Sara... but I don't know, I'd prefer someone who isn't so similar to Sunny in terms of their views. Which is honestly a compliment to her, because I think Sunny (minus a few instances and some prudishness) has the most young liberal views.

    Oh god...... I hate to say this out loud but what if it's Bari
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  10. They need another permanent host to take over Abbie’s role too. I guess it won’t happen when they’re doing it from home, but a young progressive would be perfect.
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  11. No more Meghan friends on The View. NO.
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  12. Tara Setmayer is right there, producers.

    My favorite episode of recent times was the one with Tara, Whoopi, Sunny and Ana at the table.
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  13. Already missing daily routine of watching the hot topics segments on YouTube
  14. Get your Meghan fix!

  15. One of my favorite moments from the last couple of years was when they had Colin Quinn on.

    @ 1:17 Joy mentions that Colin does a bit in his show when he goes through USA, state by state, delivering a little limerick about each and everyone of them, but before Joy can finish the little plug, Meghan interrupts with "WHAT DO YOU SAY ABOUT ARIZONA?!" Colin seems surpised, and asks if she's sure she wants to hear it. She says she is, and even after Joy chimes in that he maybe should say something bad about New York first, Meghan says "I CAN TAKE IT!"

    But then the best part comes later on in the show, when they do a segment about Instagram pets. Joy's got Bernie the dog, Sunny's got her hens and Meghan has just started an account for her cactus, with the approval of mama McCain. Well...

    I LOOOOOVE how all of them except Abby and Meghan of course is laughing away and having the best time of their lives!
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  16. Throwback to when Joy was having the best time of her life as Sunny exposed Bethenny Frankel.

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  17. Amazing news to wake up to!
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