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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. yass
  2. Whoopi will be thrilled!
  3. I am so happy so Sara. I know some didn’t necessarily think she needs to come back but I mean, her seat wasn’t necessarily meant to be a second “conservative” seat, Abby just happened to be her replacement and now she is simply coming back to her original seat. Now they do definitely need to be having Republican/conservative women to fill in for Meghan while she’s on maternity leave.
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  4. Meghan is really going to be absent right when the election is starting to ramp up?
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  5. It's interesting that the Variety article says that Sara was "mandated" by ABC to leave The View to go back to GMA, making it seem like she didn't really have a choice when she left two years ago.
  6. I took a break watching the show over a month or two ago cause I was just getting so sick of it and also could only take so much COVID content and politics. With Sara coming back, I'll start watching regularly again.
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  7. F**k that. Bari Weiss is the most insufferable person and she's an absolute disgrace to journalism.
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  8. The producers must love being able to mute Meghan when the guests are talking.
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  9. The story must have been planted by The View / Sara's camp. It seems very unlikely to me that she had to be dragged away from The View, given that her new position was a step up and surely paid better.

    Nice to have her back, though I still think she's not going to do all that much to fix the panel's stale energy.
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  10. Whoopi remains the biggest problem on the panel. She's a terrible moderator and she can rarely articulate her thoughts clearly. We can get 3 clear, cohesive stances from Joy, Sunny, and Meghan, and then Whoopi is like, "You know, actually NO man, okay? Listen. I think ACTUALLY what we're saying is, you know... damnit. When will I see money in my bank? THAT'S WHAT PEOPLE CARE ABOUT. Money back in my account." And the topic is peace in the Middle East.
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  11. Maybe MeAgain will run across the screen and make it about her momentairily.
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  12. The View not being Loose Women is a good thing but I would love a WAP reaction segment like this.
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  13. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Would've been better if Janet was on that day.
  14. I miss Joy so much.

    And Abby... And her dad.
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  16. Oh no..... Sara was not the one I expected to go down in flames today

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