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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. And their first show back, they have Sarah Fuckabee Sanders?
  2. I love Ana but people wanting her and her pre-written jokes to be on the show five days a week have a lot more patience than I do.

  3. Sunny’s faces alone had me dying of laughter.
  4. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Screaming at them trying to get her to shut up the whole time.
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  5. If anything, I want less conservative voices to have a platform on television.
  6. I like how Sara's argument was that he's too stupid to understand service instead of a callous, selfish monster (he's both).
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  7. Joy and Sunny remain flawless icons.

    Sara came in trying way too hard. From her "I'M SO HONORED TO BE BACK!!!!" intro (it felt like when someone cries as they're accepting a VMA) to the way she seemed to be contrarian just for the sake of it... while literally saying nothing?

    Whoopi remains the most glaring weakness on the show, unable to coherently introduce / launch into a topic. She can't read and can't think on her feet. It needs to be a wrap on Whoopi as moderator ASAP.

    Scream @ Meghan managing to mention Nancy Pelosi's hair while discussing the troops.
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  8. I was amused at Meghan taking the time to issue a PSA for every journalist to give her a private heads up before publishing a story that even tangentially involves her or her family.
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  9. Sunny, Joy, and even Meghan, having less time to make their impassioned arguments and points so that Sara can wade in with her fence sitting "both sides" crap, right before the election, is definitely a miscalculation on producers' part.
  10. The whole "since we can't have a live audience, we'll have a giant wall of people clapping over Zoom" thing is SO TEDIOUS.
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  12. Meghan just refusing to speak on a subject in the rudest of ways is almost as annoying as when she does talk about a topic and manages to bring it back to her family despite having nothing to do with families.
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  13. Sara really thrives in an audience setting so not being able to do that is probably tough for her. Plus she just came off doing a show with Michael and Keke where she had be extra so will take her a bit of time to dial it down and go back to "View mode"
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  14. The show was a fucking mess today. Way too much talking over each other, and Sara has become incredibly annoying? I get that trying to coordinate 5 people talking remotely is tough with slight delays + technology but they need to get their shit together and try to organize who is jumping in when.
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  15. How has Meghan not gone on mat leave yet?
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  16. Are they still remote? Live with Kelly and Ryan is back in the studio thank the lord. I find the connection issues when shows are remote way more stressful than I should.
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  17. Sara has always been someone with not a lot to say. Why that’s gone unnoticed because she’s kind and can crack a funny here and there is a shock to me. She comes across as style over substance at a time that’s so volatile and important. She’s Candace but without the crazy Christian view.
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  18. Joy said she's not leaving her house until this thing clears up completely which... could be a while.
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