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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Ddd the smirking shade thrown by Sunny in this, referring to the "name September"; the apparent stripping name of Kim Klacik.

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  2. The most damaging thing Meghan does is constantly undercutting the importance of wearing a mask by mentioning people "lied to her" back in March. 1. We didn't have all the information back then 2. Healthcare workers needed the masks. Stop doing Trump's work and sowing doubt about masks you utter idiot, they save lives.
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  3. My number one pet hate with Meghan is "climate change isn't the most important thing for me, and it's not for Republicans either". You're bringing a baby into a world where your country has constant, rapid, out of control fires. Have some perspective.
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  4. The Federalist and Ben are apparently about to be exposed BIG TIME.
  5. What was the most recently awkward interview on The View? Trump's niece, Melania's previous friend/events organiser or Kim Klacik (AKA Stacey Dash)? Genuinely interested to hear everyone's thoughts.
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  6. Whoopi this week "Meghan is off today and won't be back for a while."
  7. Of COURSE Meghan didn't cry when RBG died, but she cried when Scalia died. OF COURSE.
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    Meghan is vile and I can't wait for her to go pop out her demon husband's baby and leave us alone.
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  9. But yet she likes to spew misinformation and slander others. Where is Pam Anderson to shut her up?
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  10. MeAgain was/is so unbearable over the SC pick. Sara handled her nonsense very well and didn’t back down.

    Also, what’s supposed to be coming out about her awful husband?
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  11. Is this why Meghan has been a much larger, insufferable bitch than usual? Her mom gets major media coverage simply for an endorsement?

    Appearing on the 3 major morning shows to endorse and make pleas to fellow Republicans.

    I know Meghan announced months ago she was voting for Joe but I feel like the second RGB died, she flipped because you know ~Democrats love infanticide~!
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  12. I enjoy that she has been RADICALIZED ever since those evil Democrats decided to ask someone seeking a lifetime appointment to the highest court in the land some questions about credible sexual assault allegations levied against him. HOW DARE THEY??? (And if that is the Democratic playbook, why wasn’t Gorsuch similarly grilled?)
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  13. I can smell her glee over yet another conservative judge being appointed to the SC through the screen and it's making her absolute worst "hardcore conservative" "pro-gun, pro-life, hardcore Christian" speechifying come flooding out.

    "I didn't cry for RBG but I cried for Scalia". Maybe keep that to yourself next time or at least wait a few days.
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  14. They seriously need someone with teeth on that panel to call her on her shit - the 'Kavanuagh'd' thing she is trying to make happen is frankly disgusting and she needs to be called on it. I'm finding it near impossible to watch at the moment because her hypocrisy and entitlement really has reached new heights and it feels like she's always given the last word or that her 'view' is just allowed to hang there without being tackled.
  15. Typical Republican tactics. They whine so much about liberal bias that no one ever dares to actually treat them fairly. Meghan whines so much about BeInG cRuCiFiEd for being a conservative woman everyone treats her with kid gloves.
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  16. How convenient that Megaupload is not on the panel today!
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  17. When is Me-Again’s husbands company going to get exposed re: that tweet up above?
  18. I'm still waiting on the expose of Lady G.
  19. One of my new most common reasons to eyeroll (with love ddd) at the show is when Sunny interjects before Whoopi is about to speak with an important and at the time unmentioned fact/discussion point and Whoopi acts as if she was about to say that very thing. Girl, you have not made a succinct, well-informed point on a topic since... The Obama administration? Maybe?
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