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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Loved seeing Ana's Miami condo today. Kii at the backdrop missing. Loved it when she was floating on greenscreen Miami water.
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  2. I’m kinda missing Meghan’s chaotic energy but Ana has been great the past few weeks.
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  3. Sara not being able to keep her composure during this while Sunny took it WAY too seriously was a scream.

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  4. And the entendres were fast and furious!
    Addictive behavior!
    Anthony Weiner!!
    Shoot himself in the foot!!!
  5. Sheesh, what was up with Sunny during that? I haven't watched The View at all this season because I was finding it dull as ditchwater and that clip hasn't won me back.
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  6. I mean I can understand Sunny’s serious stance. Whether intentional or not, that was workplace sexual harassment which is a serious legal matter. It’s a funny headline because it sounds ridiculous and watching Sara and Joys reaction did make me laugh, but at the end of the day this incident has likely unfortunately made some people in the actual situation very uncomfortable.
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  7. I believe Sunny also knows him well which is likely why she was airing on the side of being sympathetic. I guarantee that wouldn't have been her approach if the story was about a Fox News contributor.
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  8. I agree. I felt Sonny was putting her professional career before having a kii on The View.
  9. Got a notification for today’s hot topics uploads on YouTube, saw Bari Weiss on the panel, closed the video immediately.
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  10. Sunny Hostin going after Bari Weiss was pretty enjoyable though. I really hate how Whoopi tried to speak for Sunny when Sunny was trying to explain her point. Whoopi got it wrong.
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  11. And Joe Biden literally said on the ABC townhall that he would tell the voters his position before Election Day. Nice try, BW. (Basic Woman or Bari Weiss, you decide.)
  12. When Michael and Jason turned up to Whoopi's, was anyone half expecting it to be Meghan? The kii.
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  13. Girlies I’m listening to the audiobook of Ladies Who Punch and the Star wedding and departure chapter had me SCREAMING with every sentence
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  14. I don't know whats it ratings are like, but it looks like The Talk is imploding. So at least the producers of The View can talk some solace in that.
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  15. What's happening there? I don't follow it at all.
  16. It’s lost 2 of its cohosts in less than 2 months and Sharon’s been accused of being a bully behind the scenes (what a shock).
  17. I... think Whoopi farted on air.
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  18. September lost in November! Sad!
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  19. Whew, Sunny came through today

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