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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Jun 29, 2017.

  2. While out on a walk today I suddenly remembered Abby asking Lupita Nyong'o how long hair and make-up took for her Star Wars role and I almost fell over.
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  3. Oh god that was awful.

  4. Are y’all ready for Meghan to start every opinion on every topic with “As a Mother...”
  5. “We’re excited”
    Glad someone is...
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  7. It was an absolute trainwreck today. Just the way I like it.
  8. Well, Meghan was certainly back.

    Why doesn't someone think about all the poor silent Trump supporters, huh? They have to keep their support of a racist madman criminal secret so people don't make fun of them and that is so. hard. on them.
  9. Meghan already giving us the drama we need
  10. Maybe Meghan being back is why I've been in a shit mood all day?
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  11. Joy just told Meghan she didn’t miss her at all during her maternity leave.


    Now with Video:
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  12. dddd that clip was even better than I expected. Joy did NOT come to play. And Meghan remains a big fucking baby refusing to answer Sarah's question and let things get back on track. Also... literally reaching for her phone and looking down on air because she's pissy? She's so useless and self-centered.
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  13. We all know I gush over Sara because that's how I want people to view me, so nice and loveable, spirit animal really does take the form of Joy Behar.
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  14. A tweet that Meghan has liked:
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  15. As much as I enjoy the mess, I think Meghan is a genuinely terrible person who would gladly fuck a Nazi if the Nazi said, "your dad was great!" (in fact, I think that's basically her marriage?). At this point, I wouldn't mind at all if she's out the door after this year.
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  16. Dddd not me coming away from that clip also continuing to dislike Sara. She always swoops in with kid gloves and tries to placate Meghan whilst act like she's some all-knowing Republican oracle every time Meghan throws her dummy out of the pram.
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  17. There was some tension between Meghan and Joy yesterday too. Meghan basically insulted her and Joy had to laugh it off again. Why does she speak to her like that? If someone talked to her mom like that, how would she feel?
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  18. Then Meghan came and beat down on Sara basically saying "You should let Sunny answer." Yikes.
  19. Cackling. You can tell how Meghan was so unprepared for the uppercut that was Joy genuinely not giving a fuck she was gone and how hurt Meghan was by it. Delicious!
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