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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Meghan's gigantic fake eyelashes are so distracting, I'm constantly afraid she will whip up a tornado inside her room the way she keeps fluttering her eyes.
  2. Oh, who will think of the poor white men who don't have a voice in the media!!! Considering that the first Black female president of a US television news network started her job... LITERALLY THIS MONTH... I think the white dudes are doing just fine.
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  3. MeAgain comes for Teddy Cruz.

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  4. Her Twitter is a disgrace. Coming for democrats, defending Cruz and the usual deflection. I'm surprised not one of the View co-hosts has not thrown hands at Meg at some point. She always tries to come for Ana and I live for Ana, Sunny or Joy put her in her place. The fact she always spins things into about herself, her father, her state, her many friends and then gaslights people.

    Sunny has been hitting and stomping on the Republicans' necks with on point commentary.
  5. Not surprised she defended him and didn't utter anything about his hate speech. "Polarizing."
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  6. Barbara Walters needs to come in and slap Meghan upside her head for saying there’d be no “View” without Rush Limbaugh.
  7. My favourite gag was Joy calling Ann Coulter a comedian. The absolute tea. She says such abdominal trash, but it is said in such a 'you can't believe people think/say this?!', that it's sort of hilarious.
  8. Ted Cruz is so fucking despicable.
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  9. The absolute STANK off MeAgain while Ana nails Ted Cruz to the wall.

  10. She should have sat there and fixed that weave that keeps morphing each time she's on.
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  11. She's trending on social media because of this... She's ridiculous.
  12. Do you think Meghan ever got a crib?
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  13. The Princess of Arizona strikes again!
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  14. Edit: I'm sure the new revelations about Gov. Cuomo will embolden Megs even further.
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  15. Oh my god, today Meghan says “the morning of the insurrection, I texted Brian that the mood was off in DC—if I was feeling that kind of energy, security at the Capitol should have been forewarned” NOW SHE IS A SECURITY EXPERT
  16. If there were more time in the segment I think Whoopi would have lost her cool with MeAgain over Ron DeSantis.

    I really want someone to ask her who funds The Federalist.
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  17. A former View cohost who shall remain nameless (and should *not* be a former cohost, but I digress) asked out loud today about nobody in particular (I’m paraphrasing), “Do you think people on TV ever watch themselves back and say ‘Wow, I really didn’t get my point across the way I wanted to’ or are they just so delusional that they say ‘Hmm, not sure why anyone would see anything wrong with that’?”
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