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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Meghan’s opinions are awful 95% of the time but the show would be boring without her, I don’t want her leaving anytime soon. It’s fun to laugh at the absurdity of what comes out of her mouth and how she handles conflict. She’s a great antagonist.
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  2. She hasn’t quit because she’ll never have another platform with this big of an audience and the Republican Party has moved past the McCain legacy and will turn on her quicker than they did her mom unless she went full Trumpy.
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Meghan hit both "I have good friends in England" and "I'm a controversial opinion show host" points today so put those down on your bingo cards.
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  6. Bahahahaha
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  7. Carrie Prejean teas
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  8. Dying at Meghan's outfit today. She looks like she's trolling. Ruffles with a beanie? Goodbye.
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  9. Ddddd I HATE to defend Meghan (and the dress or whatever the fuck it was made her look like a Disney villain going to a ball) but the beanie that she threw on later was in support of a baby who died of cancer, they interviewed her parents on Monday and today would have been her 1st birthday.
  10. Meghan VS Sara today. I genuinely think they all hate Meghan.

  11. While Sara is very left moving to centre and people pleasing all the time, I do love how she's gone from concerned looking at Meghan's attacks to smirking knowing the absurdity of the shit that Meghan comes out with.
  12. What a mess. I wish this didn't come on at the same time as The Price is Right. I just can't give up my gameshow happy hour in the mornings for this nonsense.
    But yeah I don't think there's ever been a republican on The View that's been hated so visibly by the other cohosts than Meghan. Even Elizabeth they seemed to get along with. They want literally nothing to do with Meghan any time she speaks up. And I don't really blame them.
    With this clip in particular it's like... How you going to have this energy now and none when Trump was President? Like okay?
  13. Yea, when Elisabeth started talking nonsense they would argue with her or put her in her place a bit, but once the political conversation passed everyone seemed to get along. There's more tension for the full hour with Meghan.
  14. That clip that always goes around where Sunny finishes what she's saying and then Meghan says something and Whoopi is like "Lets not talk over each other!!!" and gets mad at her and then frustratingly goes to break (Okay I know this sounds like every episode but it's a clip I always see) -- I honestly don't even think Meghan was talking over anyone in that clip but everyone just hates so much what Meghan has to say that it's funny to me that Whoopi was shutting her down for no reason other than that strong dislike.
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  15. Bahahaha Sunny calling the governor of Florida DEATHsantis I cannot (but I can)
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  16. So much cringe during the Don Lemon segment today. First he reveals that Meghan is the only cohost who he hasn’t had over to his house or he has gone to theirs. Then Meghan says “Don got me the nicest baby gift, I look at it every night, Liberty can’t wait to meet you” and Don replies “That [present] was all Tim [Don’s fiancé]; he’s a better person than I am.” SCREEEEEEEEEEAM
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  17. I came here to post about this, I wasn't sure I heard it correctly but it was what I heard - HA!
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  18. "I have good friends who research Antifa! It exists!".
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