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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. I didn't listen yet, so without context, "up there now" is another way of saying "up there in age".
  2. I listened to the podcast yesterday. She was basically just saying Barbara should be revered for her work. Everything she said about The View was basically what she told Ramin Setoodeh for the book.
  3. ^Buyer's remorse! This is what I get for posting a link to a podcast I learned about in an article called "Rosie O’Donnell just spilled a whole pot of toxic tea about “The View” and OMG you guys" without actually listening to the podcast....
  4. Meghan is the only reason the show is in the news. She’s not getting fired.
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  5. 2014

    2014 Staff Member Guessing Meghan's going to be off all next week to recover huh
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  6. S C A L P E D
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  7. I’ve never felt so much like the character in the “Stop, stop, he’s already dead!” gif than I did through watching this clip. It just got better and better.
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  8. Hmmm.

    Undoubtedly several points are made in that video. And I do think Meghan needs to have her feet held to the fire- to use one of her more recent recurring catchphrases (RIP "I will say"), but is it in the interest of the show to lose the Republican perspective? I pretty much hardly ever agree with her, but the whole point of the show is to have people from different backgrounds wade in on topics and give their view.

    Depressingly enough there are many out there who agree with Meghan. There's something "Better the devil you know" about having her on the show giving voice to the other side's view, as much as it makes me cringe a lot of the time. And obviously the show is undoubtedly more entertaining having a degree of friction and disagreement. Without that it becomes "The Real" where all the hosts just echo each other whenever anything political or social comes up.

    Honestly I think people should for sure hold her accountable and ask her to apologise when necessary (eg. with the "China virus" terminology she endorsed), but I kind of think the bigger solution would be to bring in a more left-leaning younger host to take her on on the spot when she makes her ridiculous assertions. Joy and Sunny are great but they can skew a little more centre-left, or be unwilling to properly call her out. To me the show is missing a young left-leaning voice, even without Meghan showing her ass lately. Case in point being the utter dust Bernie Sanders was paid by Sunny, Joy and Whoopi during the whole primary election process.

    If anyone should go it should be middle of the road Sara, to be replaced by someone young who is as progressive as Meghan is conservative.
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  9. Great post. I think I'd hate Meghan's presence on the show less if the solution was adding a younger progressive like you suggest, or if the other hosts actually pushed back when she says such complete, whataboutism bullshit. She rarely backs up her arguments with facts, instead relying on her group chat of friends.

    That's all to say the conservative republican view is dangerous and I hate that we even have to consider giving someone like her and others who think like her a platform.
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  10. Clearly last night's roast on Drag Race never ended!

    I definitely would love to see them bring in someone young & progressive. But also, I understand why they have a republican on The View. They always have, it is supposed to be a show about women from multiple perspectives weighing in. But The View premiered in 1997 and a lot has changed since then, particularly when it comes to how people talk about politics, and also what the Republican party stands for and how they push that. They would honestly be hard pressed to find a Republican that isn't just as brash if not moreso than Megan in today's climate. So even though I don't like her and think she's terrible... I don't know if they could do any better. It's very weird.
    But I don't see them axing her. And if she ever decides to step down, they will replace her with another Republican so we lose either way.
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  11. I have no issue with having a Republican on the show. I actually think that they should really maybe probably have *gasp* TWO Republican co-hosts.
    That didn't work with Abby obviously as she is simply a lame television personality, but maybe someone else. That this would annoy MeAgain would be amazing as she always complains about how persecuted she is as the only Conservative, however we all know she would be throwing fits behind the scenes if she wasn't the SOLE focus of attention as the only persecuted Conservative.

    Basically, the issue is not with MeAgain being a Republican but everything to do with her downright unpleasant attitude towards her job, colleagues and the world at large.
    While I generally didn't agree with people like Hasselbeck, Candace Bure, Paula and especially Jed I could certainly watch them and listen to their perspective without wanting to smash the TV at their level of condescension and indignance towards show guests and their co-workers.
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  12. The only Republican cohost I was ever able to listen to and actually respect was Nicole Wallace. I didn’t agree with her viewpoints but she was civil, got her point across effectively and was able to engage in debates without becoming an overbearing asshole like Meghan.

    She didn’t bring the drama though so she was fired.
  13. I guess Ana is Republican, though she doesn’t represent the Republican Party as it currently stands.
  14. Nicole was (and still is) great. She was the best Republican voice the show ever had. I don't think she actually identifies as republican anymore, which makes her even better.
  15. This illustrates the problem though, I think. Basically anyone even morally half-decent has disavowed the party in recent years.

    I've said (as have many others) for ages that what they need is a young progressive to truly take Meghan (and the centrist BS of the co-hosts sometimes spew) to task on the spot. I fail to see how that would be anything other than great for ratings.
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  16. The show really needs a shake up. Whoopi is so over it and she is not fun to watch and she hasn't been fun to watch for a decade. Sunny has been on the show now for, what, 5 years? 6? And I still don't think the average joe or jane knows who she is. Sara seems like a nice person and I really don't mind her but again, I don't think anyone outside the core audience of this show knows she's on it.

    Meredith, Star, and Joy were not major names when The View started. But a few years into it everyone knew who they were. I realize it's not fair to make that comparison maybe. The 25th season of a show (or whatever is) won't compare to a show's glory years. But I think what would shake this show up is Whoopi leaving, and one or two new cohosts who are solid names.

    Honestly Rosie coming back for a 3rd time might be an eye roll, but without Whoopi there I think she could be good. People concentrate a lot on her sparring with Elisabeth, but there were also a lot of times Rosie made The View fun, not just dramatic. Which is another problem The View currently has - it takes itself way too serious.
  17. I wonder if ABC would ever move it back out of the news division? (Now that the presidential election cycle is over?) It is kind of wild to think that “the most important political TV show in America” features a few political/legal minds but also has an EGOT-winner, a teacher turned stand-up comedienne, the former sidekick to Kathie Lee and Hoda, and two politicians’ daughters. No shade, I love them... but also it’s not like someone with a degree in public administration would be cohosting Access Hollywood, you know?
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  18. I love Rosie. She always figured out how to lighten the mood, whether it be with confetti canons or dancing mascots. I definitely think another comedian like her would be good. Joy isn't light hearted enough to carry the comedian role on her own, I feel.
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