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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Sorry, did Meghan call Kristi Noem and Ron DeSantis "interesting people"? Does she think these incompetent, murderous clowns would be a good choice for the presidency?
  2. I’m still dumbfounded over her comment that “everyone was nice to Black people when they had vaccine hesitancy but when it’s Republicans they’re just the big dumb idiots in the middle of the country” WELL IF THE MAGA HAT FITS, MAGAN!!
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  3. I don’t know what got into MeAgain today but I think I’m here for it.
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  5. The only thing I like about Meghan is that she isn't a MAGA head. And that is a very low hurdle to overcome so i'm definitely not applauding her for it. But like thank god she isn't as terrible as she currently is PLUS a Trump fan. And like Trump insulted her father and she really was and still is offended by that and, y'know, good for her for that. Meanwhile you have Ted Cruz taking photos and hanging out with Trump even though Trump insulted him, his wife, and his father and he still goes and kisses up to the man.
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  6. I am loving Sunny excoriating Trump and the Republican Party every single day.

    The disgraced, twice impeached, one-term ex-President.

    The party of QAnon, insurrectionists and white supremacists.
  7. I hope she takes a page from her supposed friend Don Lemon who always calls him the two-time-popular-vote-losing etc. etc. ex-president.

    You know Meghan rolls her eyes off camera every time Sunny says it and I am Here. For. IT!!!
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  8. Meghan today: “GAS IS $3.19 A GALLON TODAY AND ONE YEAR AGO IT WAS $1.85!”

    I wanted to punch my TV. She’s so dumb.
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  9. She even made the Bennifer segment about her and her racist husband. How can someone possibly be so self-involved?
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  10. The way she tried to pivot the convo about Liz Cheney to gas prices fff she’s shameless
  11. Holy shit Meghan is an asshole. They were talking about January 6 just now and how Republicans are denying it was anything serious and Meghan pivots to people maybe not being able to get gas for their cars?? She did that yesterday too. She gets asked a specific question and she pivots to gasoline.

    I hate her. She's not even fun to watch, honestly.
  12. She really pissed me off too. “Why are we relitigating the Jan 6th insurrection every single day and not talking about the atrocities committed right now in the Biden Administration like gas prices and the Middle East!!!!”

    Because you dumbass, your party tries to reshape the narrative around it every single day. THEY CALLED IT A TOURIST VISIT.

    I don’t know how she can be so stupid. If they were in person, I know Whoopi or Sunny would’ve jumped across the table. Her disrespect is out of hand.
  13. I've really checked out lately. I used to watch the clips daily as a fun escape from work, but lately I've just... not been wanting to listen to Meghan talk ddd. I watched some clips from the shows where she was gone, which were much more enjoyable.
  14. "A year ago I was able to share my Netflix account with my friends but now I can't" teas.
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  15. I love when Joy and Ana have their size nine's on her neck each time and she implodes from within.
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  16. I hope they go back to the studio soon, the current format doesn’t really allow disagreements between the panellists. I can’t wait for Sunny to get into it with Meghan when she starts spouting her bullshit.
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  17. I always love when Sunny goes after Meghan because she always calls out her bullshit.
  18. Not Joy and Meghan screaming at each other for 5 minutes already this morning.
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  19. Meghan is a deeply unserious person. She's such a joke.
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