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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Yea this is... exactly why I haven't been watching. Meghan offers nothing but shit hairstyles and shouting. She needs to fuck off when they return to the studio and be replaced with a Republican who has at least an iota of intelligence (which isn't easy to find, granted). There's nothing fun about her response being, "I DON'T CARE!!! YOU HATE REPUBLICANS ANYWAY!!!!!! I HAVE FRIENDS ON CAPITOL HILL!!!!"
  2. Meghan telling Joy she has no influence in the Republican Party, when she doesn’t have any either ddd They’re lining up behind Trump and leaving you behind LOL
  3. If someone told me I had no influence in the Republican Party, I would say: “Thank you for the best compliment I have ever received in my life.”

    Do you think she’s still bitter that they kinda dragged her on Weekend Update on Saturday?
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  4. How can she be so flippant and partisan about sex trafficking? "Matt Gaetz should be removed, whatever" and then turning it around on Joy and the Democrats? What the fuck? This person is a joke and the View needs to stop giving her a platform.
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  5. Another day, Another Joy vs Meghan throw down that Whoopi quietly cut to commercial.
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  6. Meghan had something growing out of her head again today.
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  8. Megan’s entire ‘I don’t understand why journalists can’t give their opinions & believe in conflicts of interests when I, a non-journalist, do it all the time’ tirade was exhausting.

    That said, the Cuomos are trash, and she wasn’t entirely wrong, but she naturally buried her half-decent point in a load of tiring nonsense.
  9. Meghan again this morning. 10 minutes in and she’s flipping out on Whoopi because the producer is telling her they have to go to break.

  10. Everybody hates her, so I don't know how she continues to work. She doesn't make things any more interesting than anyone else would be able to in the job. She's disrespectful, entitled, narcissistic, and goes on the most random tangents in an effort to look superior to her costars.

    Her rants this morning are ridiculous but I'm glad Whoopi is rightfully pissed and knocking her down a peg.
  11. She is literally out of control. What an obnoxious asshole.
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  12. It always brings me joy when the The View thread is in my Alerts section before the show has even ended.
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  13. Honestly, I don’t even mind her trash opinions & entitled attitude. What really bothers me is when she refuses to discuss a topic because ‘it doesn’t interest her.’ She pulls it all the time - ‘I told my producer I didn’t have anything to say about this’ - and even the after the GRAMMYs, she pulled a ‘Oh I didn’t watch. I didn’t feel like it.’ But this is your ONLY job? Producers pick 5 news items and your role is to research/comment on them, and half the time, she can’t even be bothered to do that.
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  14. If they don't want to fire her for x, y, and z reasons... Can they AT LEAST tell her to shut up when Whoopi needs to go to a break? Like. They're not vengefully going to a commercial to spite her, but she acts like it every time.
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  15. These tantrums are precisely why they are keeping her around. But God, it must be insufferable to work with her, I don't think there's one of the other ladies she hasn't fought with.

    Everyone's faces at the end of the segment... They're done with her.

    "I resent a lot of things so... we're even" I'm so tired of this petulant, spoiled child and her tantrums.
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  16. She just doesn't know when to stop. I bet she throws digs at the others when they're off air too (when they film in person) whereas, all of the others- when it's time to move to a commercial they let it happen. She just keeps talking. It's so annoying.
    Like I said, if they want her around to be "entertaining television" they should at least instruct her to stop when it's time to go to commercial. She's just a baby that can't handle herself.
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  17. This little montage made me happy

    And irritated.

  18. Meghan needs to tread real lightly. Everyone knows the only reason she’s gotten away with this for so long is because former ABC News President James Goldston was friends with the McCains privately and championed Meghan. He’s gone now. Walking out of a meeting with your new boss because you don’t like being reprimanded? Oof.
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