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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Imagine being called into an HR meeting to be told you're being too toxic to your co-workers and then being toxic to the HR people.

    Honestly, if she didn't bring in the ratings and clicks, she would be long gone. I wonder when they're going to decide she's not worth the hassle and ship her back to Fox News.
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  2. The best move would be to try out a new republican on the panel alongside Megan and then drop Meg if the new panelist works out. They need someone who can actually articulate intelligently and argue their points, not a Nazi Barbie who shouts and throws tantrums every segment. It's just tired at this point.
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  3. I think the problem these days is the female republican pundits are either psychotic Trumpers or are of Meghan’s faction but lean closer to Ana now (S.E. Cupp or Tara Setmayer).

  4. I wouldn’t mind if they also lost Joy, who despite being a national treasure, also works my nerves in a lot of the heated arguments. I just think they would benefit from someone who isn’t afraid to get loud, but that could also handle the debates with a bit more thought.
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  5. Barbara hated her... But I always liked Kathy Griffin on The View guesting and I think she'd be a good replacement if Joy were to leave again.
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  6. I think Joy makes a great moderator. I wish Whoopi was stepping down this year, letting Joy step into that role and bringing in a new young super progressive liberal to help scalp Meg. Bringing Sara back was a mistake, it feels very much like she's a seat filler. No disrespect to her, but they should have brought someone to shake the pannel up rather than just to fill the seat, because it doesn't seem like Whoopi or Joy are going anywhere over the next year. The panel could use one of its infamous shakeups for September.
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  7. Slight tangent but Jedediah Bilah got booted off Fox and Friends for not being Trumpy enough and Rachel Campos-Duffy took her place. Megatron congratulated her via Twitter so I went on her feed to see what she's like and she was still going on about hydroxychloroquine and how the elites didn't want you to have the miracle cure. Like, it's a full on alternate universe over there.
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  8. ABC is not bound by fairness doctrine to have a conservative viewpoint on the show, right? I understand the concept of having a range of perspectives represented. However, I saw a poll on CNN last night that 53% of Republicans believe that Trump is the true president — how can you in good faith give voice to that kind of nonsense?
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  9. On a different note, what it up with corny topics like "Could you survive in the wilderness" or "Are you hiding snacks from your family"? Are they trying to make the show lighter?
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  10. I know we've been round in circles on this but all the show needs is a strong moderator who is good enough to keep Meghan in check, and that's just not Whoopi.
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  11. What the show really needs is a strong progressive voice who will stand up to the likes of Meghan when she compares AOC to Marjorie Taylor Green.
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  12. Yeah but a show where a bunch of liberals patting each other on the back about Biden isn't very gripping.
    If they made Ana a full time panelist and brought in a young progressive, I think that'd be a super interesting hour still.
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  13. Sara's insistence of always being in the center of all issues is starting to annoy me. It's not time for that #notallcops bullshit.
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  14. Yeah today was definitely an "Enough, Sarah." day She just adds nothing (aside from her genuine laughter at Joy). She seems more likable off the show. Replace her with someone who is progressive-left to add the balance the panel actually needs.

    I can't see them replacing Meghan unless she does something dramatically awful. I freely admit she's good TV, and the show in general wouldn't be as compelling without the intense debates, but the conservative viewpoint is thin and unpopular. Meghan relies on personal stories and friend anecdotes because that's all she has. At this point, conservatives like her are such a minority that the arguing her side feels empty. She gets the attention she wants on her view because of how she delivers it, not because there's a large majority of people who agree with her.

    I imagine their audience is mostly women like Sarah but that's an assumption. I'm curious about the demographics of conservative women who tune in to make sure their view is represented by ... Meghan McCain.
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  15. I would agree people who’s views align with Sarah’s - middle of the road liberal- is probably The Views main audience. So in that respect she serves a purpose.
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  16. Sunny delivers again.
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  17. His post does not come across as anti-Semitic at all to me. If you take that one sentence in isolation then of course you can spin it that way, but in the context of the whole post it makes sense.
  18. I think what hurts Sara this time around is there is no audience for her to feed off of. When the studio audience is there, she shines and excels in that environment. Definitely will give her a chance when they go back to the studio audience.

    The show really needs to shake things up at the end of the season when they return to a studio audience. They should do something major and make next season Whoopi's farewell season. Make Joy the moderator. Love Whoopi but her constant disinterest just really brings the mood down. We need some new energy and new excitement.
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  19. I love that Meghan wasn’t here today for this topic - the way she always completely sucks the air out of any topic that isn’t politics. Ana and Joy were hilarious.

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  20. No tea, but Abby wasn't feeling the 'environment'. Must have meant MeAgain breaking down her dressing room door to attack Abby over perceived slights.
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