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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Jun 29, 2017.

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    Did she really 'leave' hmm. She did nothing successfully.
  2. Is it me... or has Sara got more and more centre since she joined?! Madness.
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  3. She's fucking vile. I mean truly. The epitome of a snotty rich bitch who thinks the entire world revolves around her. And the producers continue to let her get away with it. It's not even entertaining at this point, which is I believe why this thread is so dead lately. Yes, I love watching Joy/Sunny/Whoopi scalp Meghan, but she's so petulant she can't even let the damn moderator make a point without cutting her off with a, "BUT I DON'T CARE!!1!" The way she had to go back-and-forth like a 3rd grader says it all. I hope they fire her, but I don't expect it'll ever happen because she'll always be good for the headlines they want.
  4. I saw people speculating on Twitter that she might be trying to get fired so she can be done with her contract and then she can play the victim, but I think she's really just a spoiled, childish, asshole who always got her way growing up (and likely still does today).

    Honestly, my two-year-old niece knows better than to act the way Meghan does.
  5. Totally. Speaking for myself, I used to watch the show on YouTube religiously months ago, but it came to a point where I just had to stop. There's only so much unchecked privileged whiteness I can take on a daily basis. It's a pity because the show was a great tool for me to keep in touch with whatever is going on in American politics and pop culture, which is one of my favorite topics, but her presence makes it unbearable. I guess I'm glad I stopped watching, because I do keep up with the clips you guys discuss in here, and I don't think I can actually sit through her increasing petulance.
  6. I just know Whoopi, Sunny, Joy and Ana go to their producers every single day and just say:

  7. The worst part is that apparently Whoopi apologized after this?! FOR WHAT? Meghan cut her off and told her she didn't care to hear her opinion, so how exactly was Whoopi in the wrong? As long as people continue to walk on eggshells around her, she'll continue to pull this princess bullshit and get away with it. For a legend like Whoopi to have to bow down to Meghan's privileged, useless, lack-brain inbred ass I just... it makes me sick. From my view, Meghan is lucky that Whoopi didn't go in on her as much as she actually deserved.
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  8. Because they'd rather appease the rich snobby see you next Tuesday that Meghan is over Whoopi putting that witch in her place. I echo the posts above how I've tuned out because of how nasty and horrible she is. She doesn't partake in the fun segments with her usual "I have no opinion of this. Let's talk about Navalny and Russia and why nobody is doing anything?" but then deflects and gaslights people with her husband's talking points. I feel the women hold back from clocking her. You can see it in almost all the panel's faces when she's screaming like a banshee and they're literally one second from ending her. I wish Tamar was a guest host for a day and would shut Miss Arizona down.
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  9. To be fair, they apologized to each other. Not that Whoopi should have to at all, but it did work both ways.
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  10. It was like watching a 5 year old arguing with their parent because they don't want to go to bed. "So we're even"? It's the second time she's said that in the last couple of weeks like it's some sort of contest. How can someone be so immature and unprofessional at the age of 37 is beyond me. Absolutely embarassing.

    I don't know if she's trying to be seen as some sort of conservative lighting rod telling it like it is to liberal media or is indeed trying to get fired for a cushy job at Fox News but this is unsustainable. She's absolutely exhausting and she made even Whoopi snap.
  11. I just don't think Whoopi did anything worth apologizing for. But she always ends up being the bigger person.
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  12. I mean Jedediah did just leave FN, and we all know Meghan likes taking (over) Jed jobs...

    The other day, MM “humblebragged” about all the great things she has seen and done in her life, but being Liberty’s mom is the best thing of all. And I’m like ... “Follow your bliss, then!”
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  13. Oh my God, that was so obnoxious. "I've literally done everything, hosted shows, met famous people..." wow is that really the pinnacle of life Meghan, Nobel recipients and world renowned scientists are shook. She is so self involved, it's unbelievable.
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  15. I don't watch it anymore either because of Meghan. She has such a sour vibrating dark sided energy that she gives me anxiety. I actually wonder if there's something more going on as she is always angry, upset and bitter. I feel like she must have something personal going on to be bringing this baggage every day.
  16. The fact that they've been having petty fights like this for literal years at this point. I used to love watching this show. Catching up on the day's clips on YouTube was part of my daily routine for ages. I wish they would switch it up, ugh.
  17. I'd be curious to see what ABC's workplace respectful behavior policy looks like... obviously what happened on The Talk isn't directly comparable but it does beg the question, how much (and of what) is too much?
  18. Yeah, this is the most annoying part for me. I can understand disagreement, even friendly sparring. But she's always so hostile to women that are generally pretty welcoming and even accepting of her differing views. Joy and Sunny are the ones that usually clap back but still in a pretty amicable way. I don't understand why she's always so sour and bitter, every time the show goes to her, the mood deflates like a lead balloon. She constantly seems filled with anger and resentment and she doesn't really have any reason to be.

    They were laughing about something Joy said the other day (slingshots!) and she was just sitting there stone faced looking miserable. This is still supposed to be an easy going, fun show.
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