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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Krysten Sinema was aggravating today and seeing her and Meghan gush about one another, throwing shots for being "free thinkers" and "strong women" was nauseating.

    Everyone giving their best fake laughs and today has been dull. Asking questions about Meghan, politely giving their thoughts about Meg's time, her mom making better points than her annoying daughter.

    Glad it's her finally day and it seems it's a boring episodes today. Feel free to skip but she's gone at last!
  2. You can tell in this clip Joy could not wait to get rid.

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  3. I actually gasped at this
  4. We all need a boost today.
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  5. Damn that clip reminds me how much Sunny thrives in the live setting. Meghan got off easy being on Zoom during some of this last season because she was called out way less.
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  6. never heard these stories until now!
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  7. "I'd like to tell you to go out there and be yourself.... but I hope you won't" is the best thing I have ever heard.
  8. This was likely the second appearance he was talking about. Babz was just not having it.
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  9. Oh, yes!!!

    Daily Beast: Why did Meghan McCain seem to avoid appearing on The View whenever you were booked on the program?

    Mary Trump: I think she’s just really kind and wanted to help me sell more books. [Laughs]. No, that’s not it. I think she’s a coward. And she’s afraid of people who are not only willing but able to call her out. I’m pretty sure she probably remembers our first meeting. It was the first time in an interview somebody had been rude to me, and pushed back. And that’s great for me, that really helps me be sharper. And it was also sort of a confidence booster because I realized that I can do that. I can deal with stuff like that. I literally can’t remember the last time somebody was that disrespectful to me. I've done nothing to her. And I just thought I’m going to eviscerate her somehow. And then I find out she’s not going to be on my segment even though I’d spoken to her producer for like half an hour. I thought I needed to find a way to drag her into this. Because, you know, she's awful. I mean, she’s just a nonentity.
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  12. They did it again...

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  13. dddd I forgot how combative she used to be with the audience, constantly trying to police what they cheered for. She was... certainly one of their most memorable hosts. I'll give her that.

    They just announced the premiere date is September 7th, and apparently they'll be testing out multiple hosts before deciding on Meghan's replacement. I'm actually excited about that if it's true, because it shakes things up in the immediate future and helps ensure that whoever they settle on long-term will actually be a good fit.

  14. Whoever they replace Meghan with is going to be the table's token Republican so... I honestly don't care who they pick, they're all going to have questionable morals and opinions. I would love them to find someone at least who can listen, and have a civil conversation. But...
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  15. Whatever they do, PLEASE do not go back to everyone in studio except Whoopi. The moderator being in a different zip code made for unwatchable programming.
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  16. If they could snag Conde... although I wonder if anyone would ever actually challenge her. She’s brilliant. Ideologically flawed, but brilliant.

    I’ve always been warm on Cameran but can’t imagine she’d have much of a voice.
  17. Lots of news from the official Season 25 announcement today. First, a video of the women reuniting:

    - The ladies are officially returning to the studio for the season premiere!
    - They'll be filling Megan's seat with a rotation of conservative panelists including: Mia Love, Condoleezza Rice, S.E. Cupp, Carly Fiorina, Eboni K. Williams, Mary Katharine Ham, Alyssa Farah, Cameran Eubanks and Gretchen Carlson.
    - Flashback Fridays will celebrate the series' 25 year anniversary with past co-hosts returning, starting with none other than Star Jones on September 10th.

    Plus, "On SEPT. 14, The View will debut “Behind The Table,” a special podcast series from ABC Audio featuring former and current co-hosts for an extraordinary look inside the talk show that has been making headlines since Barbara Walters first uttered the phrase, “I had this idea for a show.”


  19. Whoopi's constant "Can't be bothered" aura about her is always a scream to me. She's like "Baby I'm an EGOT winner, I just do this little show for the hell of it".

    I kind of hope whoever they pick to be the next conservative panelist is relatively unknown. I'm sure they'll go for a big name, but like, Elizabeth was pretty much just known for being on Survivor. Find someone like that.
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