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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. This is so cursed.
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  3. The thought of John McCain bopping to ABBA is slightly horrifying.
  4. It's raining McCain.
  5. He "told every angel to rearrange the votes" for McCain? That sounds like election fraud if you ask me ladies.
  6. This H. Jon Benjamin (!) production has lived with me for years. It still breaks my heart that "Here Comes McCain Again" has been all but scrubbed from the internet. But praise be for this strident karaoke night living on.

    I digress.

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  7. I died at Joy piggybacking off of Star Jones complimenting Ana to basically spelling out to the producers that she wants her as the fifth permanent cohost.
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  8. I loved Star's return! In the early years the show aired at 2am where I live so I was able to record it and watch from a young age. My favorite era was the Lisa Ling years when I feel they had the perfect ensemble. Star has grown and changed so much over the years and she's become someone who I love to follow for her great insight. I'd love to see her picked up somewhere even if it isn't The View. She's smart, charming and knows her stuff.
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  9. I eagerly await the chance to learn more about why this happened.
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  10. This was quite a journey.

    A30B5FF7-2FFD-4F83-B240-B396351FD072.jpeg 19B90471-DA55-4D6D-8E5F-E17ABC929D3E.jpeg
  11. Billie Porter's stylist needed the paycheck.
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  12. Whoopi was sooo annoying here omg. 500k in income is an unfathomable amount of money for most people, nobody is crying tears for those who make that much.
  13. Whoopi trying to defend and get the audience to empathize with the top 1% not once, but twice, to a majority audience that makes no where near 400k a year dddd. She is so out of touch.
  14. Ooh it’s been a minute since Whoopi carped about taxes, looking forward to the cringe of it all.
  15. So I listened to the first episode of the podcast with Joy and Meredith ... and it was a bit of a letdown that they promised “behind the scenes stories” and “nothing is off limits” ... and then there were at least four examples of “well, I can’t talk about that on here, I’ll tell you offline though.” Teases!!!!
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  16. At which Brunette Children of the Corn convention did they find this week’s rent-a-repub?
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  17. For her to make the short list says something about the quality of the pool they’re picking from. So far this is two weeks in a row with someone dull auditioning.
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  18. How long until they chuck in Kate McKinnon's ex/Meghan McCain's best friend, Bari Weiss? The sort of person who spends their spare time loitering around college campuses, trying to recruit young Republicans, but then complains they've all turned too woke.
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  19. Joy’s shade to MeAgain towards the end of this video… I have no words.

    The way I’m back to watching this show!
  20. Lisa guest cohosting today, reminding us that we haven't even had another asian cohost since.
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