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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. I know Sara can be a bit annoyingly bothsides and hardly the hill to die on sometimes, but the life I get from her saying “When is [Nicki] going to start her research? She didn’t go to the Met Gala, she had time the other night” while she smiles innocently and the crowd loses it ddd.
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  2. Shockingly out of touch comments from Sunny about the work ethic of young people. Calling them lazy and entitled for not wanting to work 16 hour days to produce wealth for a corporation while they earn peanuts? What you're supposed to do in your 20s and 30s is grow and acquire life experience and enjoyment, not work yourself into an early grave. Huge OK Boomer energy.

  3. Fair play, but Sunny was a black woman from a financially poor background who had to be smarter, work harder and compromise everything including her birth name to get to where she is. I have no doubt her view on the path to career success is very different than your average person’s.
  4. She can fuck off but I have to admit that Carly Fiorina has been one of the stronger guests hosts?

    After saying he was the first "rap star" to touch her and then 50 Cent saying he was trying to get some of the conservative energy out of her today, I screamed.
  5. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    If anything, this is more of a defense of @johnoclock's point than anything. Structural barriers and systemic biases are what keep people chained to capitalism's exploitation, and being a so-called "success story" that demonstrates "overcoming" that abusive and exploitative nature is much more rare. This is giving "well I paid off my student loans, so I don't believe in loan cancellation for others" energy and that's not the tea.
  6. As I said in my reply, fair play, as I saw the point. But I have no doubt her view on the subject is going to be colored by her lived in experience, like everyone else’s is. We are often products of our environments, for the better or the worst.
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  7. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    That's obvious...because that's how perspectives and approaches...exist: they are informed by lived experience. However one's lived experience doesn't and shouldn't outweigh objective points at hand, which means she can be wrong, which is simply what was being pointed out.
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  8. Again, “fair play” was recognizing and acknowledging the point of the post I was replying to. I wasn’t disagreeing with it, but I did want to point out how this particular topic could seem out of character for her general persona on the show.
  9. I don’t agree with her on almost anything but Carly is actually doing a good job nn. I didn’t expect that.
  10. Somehow I can't help thinking that even Meghan is above the Daily Fail - and yet even the Daily Fail is above her. What a paradox of garbageness.
    Didn't he use Take a Chance on Me as a campaign anthem in the 2008 primaries?
    Oh my god suddenly some things about Kate make... so much more sense.
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  11. I'm pretty shocked at how great Carly is on the show? Maybe it's just coming on the heels of Meghan's outbursts, but she was a good addition/counterpoint to these issues while keeping things civil and respectful. I can just imagine how the topics would've fared if McCain was still on the panel.

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  13. Damn, the Monica Lewinsky discussion today was interesting. It's pretty clear that anytime the topic deals with marriage, infidelity, cheating - Sunny goes puritanical. I swear there's some deep-rooted insecurity she has about her own marriage that bleeds into her takes on these topics. She always brings up her daughter in hypotheticals about how she would react - well, what if your 22 year old daughter had an affair with the married, most powerful man in the world and was demonized by the media? I agree, actions have consequences but Monica's consequences occurred during a much less forgiving climate.
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  14. Sunny also comes across sometimes as low-key homophobic to me. Granted, I do not watch the show regularly so that might be a reckless statement from me. But there have been occasions where she seems politically left and personally... not.
  15. I’ve never noticed any homophobia from Sunny? She sometimes talks about how she takes her children to pride events etc so I would be surprised.
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  16. For some reason I have a memory of her getting really uncomfortable when the topic of gay marriage came up once? Maybe I'm misremembering though.
  17. I think Sunny was also uncomfortable about the same-sex kiss that happened during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, yet has no problems talking about her sex life with Manny on live TV. I don’t think she’s homophobic but she does leave me scratching my head most often than not.
  18. Sunny can be quite traditional and conservative when it comes to certain topics. I often don’t agree with her opinions. Sara, on the other hand, is probably the co-host I find myself aligning with most. She just “gets it” when the other ladies don’t, and I think she’s the most open minded one on the panel. Love having her on.
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  19. Well, we get four more years!

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  20. If only the money translated to effort. She has been so over it for at least 6 years.
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