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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. I figured either her or Joy would dd, I was only joking.
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  2. Of course they are. They don’t get that Ana and Sunny won’t die from it because they are vaccinated, while their unvaccinated asses will die. Oop.
  3. They both got a breakthrough infection? Oh God, this is terrifying.
  4. "Shall we dance? Let's do a tap dance!" I love Joy.

    I cannot believe they borked the testing that badly. Also, sure seems like an argument for having people continue to wear masks even if they're on TV, eh? The whole "we can't show people on camera with masks!" approach has always seemed silly to me.
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  5. I wouldn't be shocked if the show went back to being all remote again.
  6. It ought to... most shows should!
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  7. This was hilarious, Joy held it together though

  8. I cannot even begin to imagine how Whoopi would have dealt with that.
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  9. It truly was the most Veep-like moment of Kamala's tenure thus far.
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  10. Joy has truly been the MVP of this show for so long.

    Honestly, Joy, Meredith, and Star all back on The View together would probably be bigger for the show than anything else. Nostalgia is in.
  11. I still want Ann Curry to moderate.
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  12. So some more info out of TMZ:

  13. verrrrrrrry interesting.
  14. I never thought I'd see a Q&A segment with the audience on The View but here we go.

    EDIT: Joy keeps coughing though and it's making me nervous.
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  15. As someone that's had a cold all week can we please not act on edge around someone that's coughing.
  16. You have the chance to ask Gino Occhiuto‘s daughter an unscripted question during a once-in-25-seasons moment and you ask… “What Broadway shows to you want to see now that they’ve reopened?”?!? Come the f on!
  17. I mean, when it happens to someone moments after they were sitting next to two people who tested positive for COVID, it’s warranted.

    And when it happens while talking to the Vice President of the United States about their current failure of a performance… repeatedly, it’s a kii.
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  18. Deja The View unearthed this (months ago, apparently, oops) and it adds a whole new dimension to the story of the Split Screen
  19. Joy was out earlier in the week with a cold and presumably she's been tested like everyone else.
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  20. Sara's bubbliness is so infectious, this impromptu segment made me like her 100 times more (and I already loved her). I just want to hang out with her while we drink wine and talk about guys.
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