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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. The current administration does very little press. Kamala Harris was booked for The View, and Ana and Sunny had been vocal about wanting to ask tough questions of her regarding Haitian migration, etc.

    It wouldn't surprise me if it was orchestrated by Team White House in order to prevent VP Harris from being hammered with questions she absolutely could not have adequate answers for, because let's be honest, what's happening is unconscionable.
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  2. Yeah but how awful would it be to make two women think that they have COVID. Or what if it came out that it had been a scheme.
    I'm all for questioning things, but it's a bit of a slippery slope.
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  3. The show does have a history of massaging the truth (see: people who were getting fired / their contracts not renewed being given the chance to publicly spin their departures however they wanted), but I don’t think Sunny or Ana are the kind of people who would stay silent about backstage shenanigans, whatever the consequences. I remember Sunny talking about her memoir, saying that the lawyers at ABC wanted her to change things, but she refused to do it.
    Maybe my stan blinders are on though. (Or maybe their network NDAs are all-encompassing.)
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  4. Have you not seen the split screen fiasco with Rosie and Elizabeth?! That was a setup by production. Don’t be fooled with how low they’ll go…
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  5. There's a big difference between a split-screen and telling two women that they have a potentially deadly infectious disease that literally affected their entire families + everyone they came in contact with.
  6. Sunny was pissed. This was not a setup. I think she would probably quit the show if she was manipulated like that.
  7. Sunny definitely was fuming regarding how it all came out in yesterdays show. Her silence on all social media makes me think her lawyer brain was kicking in... especially since I feel like there is some sort of law that was broken/skirted by announcing on TV that her and Ana tested positive.
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  8. Oh Whoopi is back.
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  9. I felt today's show had a much better atmosphere. Even Whoopi seemed happy to be there and Caitlyn wasn't bad.

  10. It's been jarring - in a good way - having conservatives who can respectfully disagree co-host the show. Fireworks is fun at times, but Megan being petulant and domineering the conversation every day was too much. As much as I DON'T like Caitlyn Jenner, she actually had some decent discussions today and went back-and-forth on issues where she was outnumbered without bitching or whining about it. All of the guest hosts so far have been refreshing in that sense.
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  11. I actually like the idea of a transgender woman having a seat at the View. Obviously, Caitlyn is the last transgender woman I would choose.
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  12. C'mon Janet Mock!
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  13. That Megan shade from Ana at 0:48…

  14. Sunny being so heartless right off the bat when speaking about the congresswomen who told their stories about abortion has enraged me.

    “I understand why they told their stories but I wasn’t particularly moved because innocent babies were still killed.”
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  15. Sunny appointing herself as the Bible’s spokesperson on the show and forgetting that ‘Do not judge’ is the main message of that book and not criticising other women for their hard choices.

    I’m so sick of that discourse.
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  16. Yea, Sunny's take on that was so weird. I have no issue with her being personally 'pro-life'; that's what choice is all about. But if you want pro-choice legislation, as she does, then why would you be against women sharing personal stories that are directly related to what's at stake?
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  17. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Get Diane as a guest panelist for a day please. That would be so iconic.
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  18. Sunny has some fucking weird takes sometimes. Like a few weeks ago when she talked about low paid and overworked millennials who were walking out on their jobs due to burn out were just lazy and expect things to be handed to them.
  19. I remember in a discussion with Meghan a few years back Sunny said she wasn't liberal and Meghan was taken aback, but I've never forgotten that so it makes sense to me.
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