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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. It did kill me when Whoopi said about the new theme, "sung by the fabulous, multi-talented Brandy, who joins Nicole Scherzinger on vocals". Absolute dust for Nicole!

    On Sonny. I haven't been enjoying her since the show has returned. A lot of her takes have been off. She has been coming across contradictory and judgemental.
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  2. Interesting news from the “rival” show
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  3. Felt like half the episode today was a guest cohost trying to justify why she joined the trump administration in 2020.

    Sonny keeping up her messy opinions since launch. Her take on government responsibility in regards to social media was so off.
  4. I did have time today for Sunny’s dispassionate reading of the legal notes and Whoopi’s reactions
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  5. Now that Meghan left, I realise how conservative Sunny's views are and how ignorant she is on some topics. Her reaction to the Facebook whistleblower ... maybe she needs to read a book or two about algorithms.
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  6. Exactly. Freedom of speech is one thing but promoting inflammatory content in the name of engagement is unethical. I read that Facebook could be promotic ethnic cleansing and violence in certain countries, not to mention Instagram creating body image issues, particularly in young girls to the point of them contemplating suicide. These things need to be regulated.
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  7. Ana came for Barbara's neck when she tried Whoopi today!

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  8. What possessed that woman to even say that? That's horrible.
  9. What the hell? Of all the people on ST, I have always respected Barbara and Lori the most and wow. Fat shaming someone on live TV and Whoopi of all people?

    Screw her.
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  10. Lori remains the queen of Shark Tank. Screw off Barbara.

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  11. Poor Whoop, she genuinely looked shocked and hurt upon hearing that.
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  12. It was so fun having Sherri back yesterday and I'm glad we're getting an entire week of her. I suddenly realized how much I miss her energy on the show - the clip of her telling Prince "I've wanted to make love to you my whole life" always makes me howl. I also think she fits in with this particular group so well.

    The anecdote about her calling Sunny to help ensure she was getting paid her worth when she started says so much about who she is as a person, too.
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  13. I absolutely loved the panel today with Sherri and S.E. Cupp. They had great chemistry, were fully engaged, and the lack of Whoopi was not missed in the slightest.
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  14. Yeah i'd love for them to bring Sherri back and keep S.E. but... It's just too good to ever become true.
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  15. Whoopi has been the weak link for quite a while. I know that the producers and network probably think that they need her because she's Whoopi Goldberg, but the episodes where she's gone and Joy moderates are pretty much always the best episodes of the week.
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  16. I like that she paid it forward, from when Rosie called Sherri to give her the lowdown!
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  17. I'm watching today's episode and a huge plus one to this. I've always enjoyed S.E. despite her conservatism, because she doesn't sound like a petulant brat when she debates. She knows her shit, but also has a personality. Sherri's energy is also infectious and the panel sans Whoopi and Meghan is absolutely the best lineup I've seen in a while.
  18. I am really loving Sherri this week and S.E. Cupp isn't bad either! Sherri brings a really fresh energy every time she is at the table and it works with everyone else. S. E. Cupp works well and despite her politics, she can have some fun. A rarity with any conservative that goes to that table...
  19. S.E. at least acknowledges the current republican party is a death cult and impossible to defend. It's not the party she was a member of. She doesn't have the baggage of a Nicole Wallace and she's not a petulant blind follower like MeAgain. I'll never agree with conservative values but she would provide the tension for the political topics without it feeling like you're watching someone kick their toys every day.

    Of course I lived for the messy fights with the daughter of John McC*in but it was clearly making the other hosts miserable. Ultimately I'm in it for the show as an institution, so I'd rather be at peace with it not having some of the same drama and have it evolve.

    Besides, I'm sure there will be fights. I mean Sunny looked like she wanted to smack Sarah at a few points over last couple weeks (insert eyes emoji)
  20. I haven’t been watching the show only the odd clip but they need a conservative with a sense of humor, or at least someone who doesn’t act like they are carrying the GOP on their shoulders everyday like MeAgain.
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