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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Claiming she was "bullied" out of her job is absolutely hysterical. From someone who loves to throw around the term "snowflake", no less. It's hilarious that the only thing people want to talk to her about is The View, though. Once she rides out the press of this book, she's going to be just another bitter republican screaming into the void on social media. Good riddance.
  2. Is the bullying in question Joy's "I didn't miss you" and Whoopi's "Okay"?

    She clearly hasn't been in a working environment where you have to eat shit every day by your boss AND your clients.
  3. One thing that I keep coming back to:
    In the interview with Variety she spoke about how she could never get any of her topics onto the show because there weren’t enough conservative staffers to support her. But the way she described it was “I always chose whatever topic made the Democrats look the worst.” Maybe your topics never got picked because the point of the show is to present what is relevant in the world that day and not to advance a particular agenda?
  4. The fact that she can't see she was coddled on the show is so infuriating to me. Anyone who showed the amount of disrespect for her coworkers and outright contempt for the audience should've been fired, but she got the opportunity to leave on her own instead. She is a delusional narcissist and dumb as hell and she shouldn't have a platform.
  5. I guess the producers enjoyed the ratings and ~engagement (have ratings dipped significantly since she left?) but she was definitely given way more chances than anyone in any conceivable workplace. She was downright hostile, contemptuous and antagonistic to her co-workers every single day and apparently she still has no idea she did anything wrong. And the fact that she can paint herself as a conservative martyr for being an asshole is absolutely infuriating.
  6. I really want Meghan to go on someone’s show and just get confronted with all her shit. Why do none of these reporters have the courage to just call her out? She is a NOBODY.
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  7. Andy Cohen did lightly. (though these moments are largely missing from the YouTube upload...)

    He asked her about the hypocrisy of releasing a tell-all book, and she gave a lame excuse about hers not meaning to be 'scorched earth' and that the 'difference' is that the tell-alls she was criticizing were political in nature, so if people find her hypocritical she 'um, [doesn't] care'.

    She later went on to criticizing Katie Couric's recent book as something that was destructive towards women. He asked her if she felt if her own book was "not-pro-women." — and naturally she eschewed that with, “Is it pro-women to work in an environment where, because you have a different political opinion, you are leaked about every day?"

    she went on the whole "I'm the only person bullied out of their job on the view" slant. Because naturally, we're forgetting Debbie Matenopoulos, or any other acrimonious cohost exit, and the world only revolves around her own deluded egocentric ass.

    The last time she was legitimately confronted was by Seth Meyers, and that resulted in her being aghast, and her vile husband going on an aggro homophobic tirade online. He was asking very generously given questions about her opinions of Ilhan Omar (in good faith), and she has revealed that she believes he took "great pleasure" in "making her uncomfortable", "repeatedly kept asking the same question in an effort to make a clip go viral", and then faced a miscarriage the following day. (It goes without saying that the miscarriage is tragic, and I'm so sad that she or any woman ever has to go through such a heartbreaking experience, but it feels rather questionable of her to coincide her press comments regarding the two events, implying-without-saying that that the interview was either as scarring for her and/or that it may have been a factor in the miscarriage.)

    There's something enigmatic about Meghan. She has this strange charm, and has these lovely 'eye of the storm' moments, but the toxicity that emanates from her is enough to compete with an Exxon oil spill. Her blood is nepotism, martyrdom, and hyperbole.

    I do wish more media personalities and journalists would hold her to task, but you just know will "never be her fault". I pity her so much.
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  8. It was a bit surreal a while back watching a Tracey Ullman's State of the Union episode from 2010 with jokes about Meghan being a Democrat pretending to be a Republican. (The same episode had jokes about Bernie... meaning Madoff, not Sanders.)
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  9. I'm not sure what annoyed me more this week. Condoleezza Rice being given a guest co-host spot to spout nonsence about not teaching race and moving on from the resurrection or Meghan doing a 360 on what she has said to manipulate selling a book.
  10. Given Meghan's recent ~feelings~ about being on "The View", it's kind of a laugh that her own mother guested on the show this season.
  11. I have a colleague who (I despise and) is going on vacation for two weeks and I PRAY that she does not come back and ask “I know there was a void without me attending the staff meetings, right?” because I will not be able to resist replying “I did not miss you. Zero.
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  12. I don't think she's suitable for the fifth chair, but Gretchen Carlson was really lovely earlier this week. I don't believe she is independent in the way she says she is, but she is pleasantry enough to appear once in awhile.
  13. Deja The View brilliantly dissected Meghan's "book" ("It's not a book, it's a ... long podcast. There's no book. There's no physical book, and there's nothing written down.")

    "She's not sensitive, but..."
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  14. Halloween is always the one day I truly avoid watching the show.
  15. I know this won’t come as a surprise to anyone: today I discovered that Ana follows all the cohosts on Instagram except for Meghan, BUT, she does follow an account for Meghan’s cactus hahahaha
  16. At least she spilled some tea on that cocksucker Judge Jeanine.
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  17. I love the Halloween episodes.

    On this year. Ana, Sonny and Sara enjoyed themselves. Joy looked somewhat amused mixed with contempt, while Whoopi's acting was serving Baby Sinclair from ABCs Dinosaurs.

    Remember when Abby Huntsman came out as Gaga? Ironically hilarious.
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  18. Whoopi acknowledged Meghan's book in a way that will probably infuriate Nepotism Barbie; she did it without saying her name or actually mentioning her accusations directly. But the entire audience + co-hosts all laughed. It's at the very start of this video (watch what Joy does when Whoopi says 'based on what people read...').

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