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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Jun 29, 2017.

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    Thanks for this! I've always thought to research more about this, especially after the first time I heard something akin to this was how Donna Summer described recording her 1982 album while pregnant and how that made it extremely painful/difficult.
  2. Ana’s mom passed away

  3. Ugh, Sunny is an Elon Musk apologist.
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  4. Was it just them trying to console a friend that they kept going on about how much the audience loves Ana? Can we just rip up that CNN contract already, install her at the table full time, and stop with this conservative commentator of the week BS?

    Also the crossed wires of Joy talking about how Trump exposed ~400 people to COVID after being diagnosed but everyone else thinking she was saying that only 400 people died from COVID while he was President... I was screaming at the screen
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  5. Yeahh it's going to be hard for them to find someone. Most Republicans are Trump fans, and if they're not then they're not well liked enough by the conservatives to really be "THE conservative" panelist.
  6. Buried in the Politico article:

    Sources said that the show was eager to recruit young libertarian KAT TIMPF, but she turned them down because of the show’s reputation for treating conservatives poorly and her contract with Fox.”
  7. If they want someone truly representative of the right wing "movement" they need an anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorist who thinks Trump won in 2020. If they get another polite neoliberal who is a conservative in name only like Ana Navarro (no offense, I like her) so they can all get along then that will not be representative of all the viewpoints in the country. And for that matter, they need a progressive on that panel. I'm ready for one of these rich, centrist women to go so they have some real conversation about the state of America. That is if the show really is a news show and not an excuse to talk about the latest entertainment news with some very light, inconsequential political conversation sprinkled in.
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  8. I agree but also don't agree. I'd really hate to see an anti-vaxxer be on the panel. I also just do not think ABC would do that. And I don't think the laws and rules would even allow someone who hasn't been vaxxed to sit there with the rest of them. Nor do I think the other panelists would want to.
    They'd be spreading some wild misinformation and it'd be dangerous, and probably go regularly unchecked.
    A progressive would be great but I don't think they want to go that far to the left either.

    So yeah, while I think that would be so interesting to watch having a progressive and a crazy Trump fan... I don't think it'd be handled well at all and would probably just do more damage than good.
  9. Well yeah in this particular case it would be irresponsible to allow anti vaxx propaganda on the air during a health emergency but my point is that if you proclaim to have women with different views from all walks of life, you need to actually have that. That includes someone from the dominant faction of the Republican Party and a progressive that represents younger people and their concerns for a more fair, just society.

    Otherwise, it's just an echo chamber of rich soccer moms that are center/slightly left and just agree on everything. It's pointless and boring. Also, lately it's becoming a little "let's get you to bed grandma" with Whoopi constantly ranting about her taxes and Sunny saying stuff like "you should work 16 hour days during your 20s and 30s for a pointless job promotion and a little more money", "sex should only happen in the confines of marriage" and defending Elon Musk for being a billionaire troll because he's an ~entrepreneur. It's insulting. The panel needs some fire and a young perspective. It's pointless to look for a unicorn anti-Trump conservative that is out of touch with the politics of their own party just so that there aren't arguments at the table.

    PS I'm not conservative at all and I wish the Republican party never existed but they do exist and I think they are destroying the integrity of their panel and the show for the sake of getting along.
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  10. I think the fire and debate they are looking for would come if they forego the idea of having a conservative, and just put a young progressive up there instead. One who none of the more centrist ladies would agree with.
  11. They don't really need a republican though. Why don't they get that? Stop trying to replicate the Elisabeth Hasselback years. Star, Meredith, Joy, and Barbra were all mostly politically aligned and the show was a smash. I get that the show has become increasingly political since the early 00's but it doesn't have to be. Get a group of women who's personalities gel and make a show. They have it in their heads that the only way The View works is if there is conflict! drama! anger! and... thats just not true of the shows history. The Rosie/Elisabeth 06-07 season really changed the show irrevocably it seems.

    Bring back the original lineup sans Barbra.
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  12. I'm glad that they're not going to let a pro-insurrectionist/anti-vaxxer sit on the panel, but I do think that they need someone who at least leans conservative to keep things interesting. The show may not have always been quite as political as it is now, but it isn't going to go back. And, truthfully, looking at the Michelle Collins/Raven/Jenny McCarthey era, I don't want it to. The show works best when the topics lean political.

    I maintain that the biggest issue is Whoopi. Losing her, letting Joy moderate, and adding a conservative and a young liberal would make the show interesting again. Joy is a great moderator - she doesn't throw off segments with odd rants, and she actually asks the questions on the prompter ddd. Whoopi is an icon but she has never been a great moderator. Though Whoopi has signed on through, like, 2071, so we'll have to settle for them at least finding the right conservative.
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  13. They’re back to virtual!
  14. Jesus what a nightmare. Are we all going to get this?
  15. I wish Rosie would come back too.
  16. I love Lisa on the panel. Keep her please.
  17. Right! The Friday panel, in particular, with Joy, Sara, Ana, Sunny and Lisa was so great. Whoopi remains the weakest link and the Friday shows with Joy moderating are always among the best.
  18. Whoopi saying that the holocaust wasn't about race has set the internet on fire. It'll be interesting to see if she addresses it / walks it back on tomorrow's show.

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