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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. I like Amber Ruffin but she isn't a good fit for the table... I don't really get why they booked a liberal comedian for an entire week? I wish we had someone the girls could spar with more while we still had Joy moderating. I'm pretty sure Whoopi is back on Monday unfortunately ddd.

  2. Oh look, another cohost returns for season 25 and yet still not a peep about getting Michelle Collins back.
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  3. I’d rather have Nicolle Wallace back over any of them but I do enjoy Michelle. Paula was always so awkward to me and you could see how much Whoopi disliked her during her seasons. She had no time for her at all.
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  4. Nicolle got to be on Behind The View at least!
    The hatchet job they did on Michelle though… I’m still bitter. Her Sirius show was my pandemic discovery, and she generally keeps it classy whenever The View comes up. On a recent episode of her podcast, though, the gloves came off a bit (roughly 7 minutes in) and it was divine.
    Sorry, couldn’t get it to embed.
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  5. I hate this new guest host. Her opinions are all over the place.
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  6. I have nothing against Michelle Collins (I've literally forgotten that she exists ddd) but she was an awful fit on the show. Easily one of the worst-ever alongside Raven and Jenny. It was more the producers' fault than hers, because she never should have been cast in the first place. The show was confused about what it wanted to be at that time. She was constantly intervening with bad jokes at inappropriate times, often to diflect from what could/should have been interesting conversations. She just didn't bring any useful perspective to the table.
  7. Fuming, but indeed — after two successive seasons where (excluding Whoopi) everyone on the panel quit/retired/got canned, the show was giving us big “OK but what about this??” energy.
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  8. Lmfao at Sunny and Ana dragging the guest host today
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  9. I actually had the chance to tune in live today, but I turned it off almost as soon as the guest host started talking. The conversation was supposed to be about whether or not a governmental press figure and a media figure can/should be romantic partners. She opted to launch into a monologue about Donna Brazile giving the debate questions to the Hillary campaign (which I guess matters because CNN was tangentially involved in both situations?) and later basically said to Sunny “isn’t it an oxymoron that you’re Catholic but you’re pro life?” This after earlier in the week when she was adamant that Joe Biden could single-handedly do away with the filibuster if he wanted to (?!?). Please lose her number, producers.
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  10. Steve Schmidt is having a full on tea spilling meltdown on Twitter, mostly about MeAgain being a terror during her dad’s campaign, after she liked a comment basically calling him a homophobe and pedo.

    Nicolle Wallace gets brought up in one of the threads and he tags Whoopi and Joy for giggles at one point.
  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I can just imagine Joy cackling at all this.
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  13. I came to post about Cindy McCain saying: “'I just want to say I raised two good sons' I said 'everyone knows you did'".

    I spit out my coffee. You know it's bad when even your mother knows.
  14. Did anyone else catch Joy bringing up Meghan's, "You get paid to listen to me!" outburst when they were discussing the Patti LuPone Hot Topic? I'll update with video when they put it up, but it made me chuckle that we got acknowledgment of how much she hated Meghan for saying that.

  15. The way Sara CHECKED Whoopi [​IMG]
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  16. Sara can be hit or miss for me since she's come back but today I saw the Sara I love. Her checking Whoopi was lovely, and I'm glad she wasn't scared / or put off by Whoopi not getting what she was trying to say.
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  17. Whoopi is low-key an elitist, glad my gal Sarah checked that lady.
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  18. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Sara and Sunny's delayed cackles as the quote registers.

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