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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. I was wondering why someone liked a quote from page 123.

  2. Whoopi yelling over Alyssa at the end of the segment was so aggravating too. She always has to interject with the most boring talking points.
  3. This Politico interview with Steve was an extra juicy listen for anyone interested in hearing more.
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  4. Happy 15th anniversary, everyone!

  5. I’m forever grateful I randomly decided to skip class that day & spend my morning watching TV in my dorm room bed instead.
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  6. Rosie's pronunciation of Elizabeth

  7. Sunny has got to stop cutting people off before they can even finish what they’re saying.
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  8. For me the best part is watching Sunny sit pretty in the middle thinking to herself (I assume) “I’m gonna let this R on R crime happen.” Maybe it was a false fight to help Alyssa take an advantage over Stephanie Grisham?

    I also loved in the first part when Whoopi said “please don’t boo her” and then Kellyanne says something like “in the time it takes to have a baby, Joe Biden ruined everything” and Whoopi cackles in her face.

    Joy was also amazing with her snarky side comments. “What a group!”
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  9. Today I was really, really glad that Meghan isn’t on the panel anymore… because you know it would have turned into a giant shitshow of “you’re not taking my guns away from me!!” and other side tangents.
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  10. Her big argument was always "well my brother likes to hunt" which a. tough, kids are dying and b. does he really need an automatic rifle to hunt? Maybe he's just not that good at it.
  11. If you need a moment of levity:

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  12. Today there was a commercial for their upcoming OG host reunion episode and they included a clip of Debbie saying “The only one that never got fired was Meredith!” Am I the only one who finds it odd that they seem to love to “highlight” the dysfunction that happens on their own show? Like there’s never going to be a “The Talk Retrospective” where Julie Chen-Moonves and Holly Robinson Peete show up to reminisce.
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  13. Just dropping by to reiterate that Whoopi is the WORST moderator. Stop shouting over people jfc
  14. Whoopi's "listen here" minute of rambling at the end of each segment when she says the same things in increasingly confused ways is so boring.
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  16. I saw 'Meghan' trending on Twitter and had a mild PTSD episode.
  17. Whoopi was out of line today. Tara agrees that the AR-15 should be banned. Preventing mass shootings committed with other guns is a valid conversation, especially when the Tulsa shooter used a handgun and a rifle. Kick her ass off the damn show already
  18. Tara was completely right, even if they banned guns tomorrow, there are already 400 MILLION guns in circulation and there is no way all these gun nuts would willingly give them up to the government. But Whoopi kept yelling AR-15 without hearing her point.
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