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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Unrelated but sort of related.

    Really sad that The Real ends today. I’ve never caught up with it as much as I have The View, but it was always nice to have a diverse version of the woman’s panel talk show out there.

    It was always a lot of fun with Tamar, and then I enjoyed when it became more political during Amanda’s run. Sadly, I think Amanda & Tamera’s double exit and Covid/lockdown really hit the show badly. It will be missed.
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  2. The culture of guns needs to change. I don't mean movies and games etc. most countries have films and games with guns but it's the weird gun admiration culture within the country. We also need to acknowledge how the "2nd amendment" was done in a time long before the modern semi-automatic rifles of today. Human rights are food, water, education, safety, shelter etc. NOT a damn gun.

    It's so weird, I don't understand how you can feel safe knowing there are guns all around you... and even if you have a gun yourself why is that better?

    I always love Sarah's example of how she talks about mass shootings in the cinema for example, if there's someone with a gun shooting people and the police storm in. Even if you're one of the "good people with a gun", the police will likely shoot you on the spot. They don't know what's going on. Again, do you feel safer with a gun in that situation??
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  3. From what I've read, having a gun in the house raises the possibility of an accident or death from suicide so owning a gun is actually more dangerous for the owner than anyone else. But people continue to collect dozens of weapons for "protection" and "hunting". It's absurd.

    I don't know, this gun culture is completely foreign to me. I've never held one and have no desire to. What's most shocking is how the american right wing has weaponized these issues (racial resentment, gun control, abortion, transphobia) in order to hold on to power and in the process has created so much division and hate (and pain for the people having to endure the consequences of their politics). I am truly shocked every day how the average american is even listening, let alone voting for those clowns. Now they are blaming critical race theory, wokeness and moving away from God for gun violence. I don't understand how a single voter can listen to that and not laugh them off the face of the earth.
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  4. The only circumstance where I kind of understand a gun is the non-populated places in the US that have wild bears and big cats like pumas roaming around.

    I do not understand why you would feel the need to have a gun in any populated area. It's so foreign to me as well, it's bizarre. The rest of the world laughs at the US for how crazy it is.
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  5. It's the flyover states girls. I live in the Bible Belt and hunting culture is so pervasive with this rugged individualism mindset being bred for generations we're in it deep. There's a big disconnect between the less population dense geographic areas of the US vs. metropolitan areas, and the disproportionate electoral college distribution means that these places will always be at odds while never being able to fully grasp one another's differences.
  6. Oh goody, the second-worst guest cohost (Lindsay Granger) is back.
  7. Urgh, she is the worst ^^^

    Sara <3
  8. There is a petition with 36,000+ signatures to remove Whoopi from The View. I guess because of the Holocaust comments she made in January. But... It's June now, so I feel like it's just conservatives that are riling this up to get her? I was looking around twitter and a lot of the people retweeting it are Tr*mp fans.

    Very weird. Also i'd be kind of mad if they got rid of Whoopi - despite how incorrect her thoughts were in that conversation, when they let Meghan spout nonsense for years.
  9. Link me, I'll sign it.
    Not coz of the holocaust comments just coz she drags the show down with her repetitive catch phrases that offer nothing to the conversation and often stifle good talking points the others are making.
  10. Her being incapable to even read the teleprompter correctly is getting on my last nerve. I adore Whoopi, movies like Sister Act and Jumpin Jack Flash are part of my childhood but she offers nothing to the panel other than recycled catchphrases like "you need to vote them out". Guess what, people did vote in the last election and gave Democrats the Presidency, the House and the Senate and still, nothing changed.
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  11. Whoopi has long been an awful moderator, but the ratings are great right now, so I imagine ABC wants to keep everyone around and just finally land on a conservative to add full-time for September. I'm really interested to see which direction they go, it's clearly down to the 3 who have been rotating the past few months.
  12. Ugh at the guest host this week
  13. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I kinda wish I could go, “we’re gonna be right back!” whenever a small argument is happening around me.
  14. Sara always hits the nail on the head

    I love Joy but it's so annoying when she interrupts a conversation or usually Whoopi's closing statement to just make a joke...
  15. Yeah, I dislike that too. I love her spontaneity and humour but it throws off the rhythm of the discussion when she interjects a joke when someone else is trying to make their point.
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  16. Iconic guest cohost behavior

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  17. Speaking of guest hosts... who's everyone's pick for the permanent spot in September?
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  18. Whoever wins, We lose.
  19. Oh, I forgot to post about the hilarity of Whoopi complaining about taxes the other day during the segment on "Break My Soul."

    ...You need to be fighting for less taxes, because before the tax laws changed, people had a little extra in their pocket. They always had a little... you had a little... you saved a little... you had a little rental house... I've been saying this forever.

    RENTAL HOUSE?!?!?!?
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