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Saw a tweet that said that Sunny will now be the longest-serving cohost hired after Barbara left. Which… seems like it should be an accomplishment but really isn’t hahaha
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Elizabeth getting a job on the View only because of being on season 2 of Survivor is still wild to me. Not every reality show contestant needs a platform.
Oh my God, the every life has a plan and a purpose fairytale bullshit drives me up a wall. There's no plan or purpose you moron, you and people like you made that up because the randomness and tragedy of life scares you to death. There's no plan to kids taking their own lives because they're bullied so bad, no plan to 6 year old kids being shot to death at school and no plan to people struggling with anxiety and depression so bad, they feel their entire life has passed them by with no happiness or joy. Shut the fuck up.