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Ana already feels like such a regular part of show at this point, so I'm glad to finally see her get the title to reflect it. And I've grown to enjoy Alyssa; while I don't agree with her most of the time, she now sits comfortably on the panel, developing a decent rapport with the other women, knowing how to jump in to make her point, and still allowing others time to speak up. A six-person panel does sound chaotic, but I won't be mad if it means less Whoopi and/or if it drowns out Joy and Sunny when they get stuck on one of their frustrating tangents.

While I do wish they had announced a younger, super-progressive member that could serve as a great balance for Alyssa, it was clear that hasn't been something on their radar. I just worry the panel is getting more and more stuck in a sea of moderate voices who don't differ all that much from each other.
Ana and Sara are basically the same, opinion-wise. I'm glad Ana has an official co-host title after all she's given the show (and I'd take her over Sara) but it's really not necessarily what the show actually needed to stay relevant and reflective of the social and political landscape.
I don’t think we’ll get a six panel show.

I think there are likely two options going -
1. Alyssa and Ana are doing a job share and having 6 allows extra cover whenever the show needs to boost itself from 4 to 5 due to absence
2. Whoopi may be going down from four days to three. Therefore, we may get Alyssa all week and Ana on a part time basis.
Sorrynotsorry I can’t stop chuckling to myself about how Meghan was on that podcast continuing to talk about how much of a strong-willed, unapologetic badass she is (she has even likened herself to Khaleesi at one point on Twitter) … and yet, in the same episode, she reports that one on-air interaction with Joy Behar caused her to start hysterically crying, lactating, and vomiting in her office. Yup, you sure are a real one, Meg.
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I imagine Ana will for sure do Thursday and Friday, with Whoopi off Fridays which would mean only Thursday (and Wendesday if she does three a week) would have six cohosts.
Gays & soccer moms rejoice - they're back next Tuesday!


I screamed at Whoopi giving, "Am I really still here?!" for the promo shoot ddd.

The premiere is a day of Hot Topics, but upcoming guests include Hillary & Chelsea Clinton, Reese Witherspoon, Regina Hall, Stacey Abrams, Constance Wu, Cori Bush, Viola Davis, Quinta Brunson, Jenifer Lewis, Huma Abedin, Billy Eichner, Jenette McCurdy, Elisabeth Moss, and Star Jones.

I'm really interested to see how the heck they make 6 hosts work.
I don't think Hasselbeck was that bad on the show. I remember thinking at the time they were crazy to fire her (and Joy, obvs).