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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. I want a mix. I definitely agree that Sunny is taking the producer brief of "we want to see conflict" over the top, and if she's gonna do it, she needs zero in on the substance. I do want Alyssa to be challenged because the republican party doesn't have a governing vision or plan. The majority of their voters and politicians are in this empty "own the libs" mentality, from their state reps to their potential presidential nominees. Alyssa is advocating for a party that doesn't doesn't exist anymore. If there's one thing they didn't do enough of with MeAgain, it's take her to task and challenge her on the empty statements and false equivalencies.

  2. it must be so horrible to get paid millions of dollars to talk about pop culture for 3 minutes a day

  3. "Maybe he's getting married" dfjgsdgksfdg
  4. Joy's, "I have one question: Who is Adam Levine? I don't know him," killed me.
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  5. It’s gonna be a long fucking season if every episode that references Trump necessitates a segment-derailing back-and-forth between Sunny and Alyssa about the latter’s complicity in working for the Trump administration.
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  6. I'm so over it dd. I hate Trump and wonder why anyone would want to work for him, but I don't understand what Sunny expects to come out of these confrontations.
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  7. And PS as far as explanations go, “I knew he was bad but wanted to be one of the good influences” is probably about as good as it’s going to get—I’m not sure there are many levels of nuance between that and “I couldn’t possibly work for that man, so I decided to not have a job for four years”…
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  8. Also very glad that they took the time to call out the Daily Beast film critic who wrote about Whoopi’s “distracting fatsuit” in Till.
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  9. Not Whoopi being more than happy to tell Kathy Najimy that they’re doing a Sister Act film without her. Mess. Add in the patronising “you must come back!”
  10. Ana seemed pissed at Sunny today dd.
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  11. Sunny has a very smug and condescending air about her this season.
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  12. Sara was wearing a cape today.

    That's it.
  13. Dddd not a single clap from the cohosts when Chelsea Manning was sat down. Ana looked particularly pissed off.
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  14. I feel like Ana hates Sunny lately which... I'm here for.

  15. Well today was busy for the show huh?
  16. "Biden is the president today" is such a weaselly response to the question of whether or not Biden's election is legitimate. Why do people in media never push back against it ddd it triggers me so bad. We all know the big election denier conspiracy is that Trump won, but the deep state or whatever installed Biden as president. The question at hand is the legitimacy of the election, not who is currently in office.
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    Charo must be protected at all costs
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