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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Sad that they weren’t live today to comment on

  2. Island

    Island Staff Member

    This is rough. Whoopi’s breathy “ok” was on point though.
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  3. Shut your dusty cave!!
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  4. Sounds like the producers finally told Whoopi to drop the valley girl intros.

  5. Chile the conversations becoming messy lately. Can't wait to see how they discuss the election next week.
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  6. Raid probably did not want this press!
  7. The girls finally went at it today!

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  8. What was the whole thing of Sunny had her kid’s absentee ballot and they were going to put it in some random bag but she wanted them to find an official receptacle for it? I’m no expert but isn’t it kinda voter-fraudy to turn in someone else’s ballot?

    Hopefully Sunny wasn’t too pressed that they used her image (but not her name) in Meghan McCain’s most recent “article” about “white women get called roaches, can you IMAGINE giving any other group a nickname like that????” Khaleesi strikes again!!
  9. I like Nicola Wallace, but she was on The View for a year. Hardly memorable.

    That huge intro for her? Shows how much weight Whoopi has on the show.
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  10. Plus the guest usually only gets to sit next to Whoopi if they’re getting emotional about meeting her!
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  11. I'm really not enjoying Sunny this season.
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  12. I'm LOVING Sunny. She's so comfortable at the table now she will just say what she means without trying to be diplomatic about it.
    Nine times out of ten she's dead on the money with her opinion for me.
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  13. Ana’s barely concealed disdain for Alyssa is my new throughline for this show. They rarely say a word to each other!
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  14. ddd yeah this got so passive-aggressive. It's definitely going to bubble over into a proper fight at some point.

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  15. Whoop is low-key a mood

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  16. I would love to have a live view of when the cast are told the affair from Good Morning America will be a hot topic.
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  17. Alyssa finally telling Ana that she can't get a word out without Ana attacking her during the segment about women supporting women! I'm shocked that Ana just let it sit and didn't really respond. I think she was shocked that Alyssa finally gave it back to her so bluntly.

    Oop here it is:

  18. Sunny was a little overly hostile/suffocating with Alyssa for the first couple of months but has made a real effort the last while to let Alyssa talk and make proper contributions, for the betterment of the show. I imagine producers told her she was taking the brief for conflict a little too seriously.

    Ana is definitely the one getting a little overly preachy and for sure the worst for speaking over people at the moment. I enjoy her a lot of the time but she can be a little too eager to use her sections for ranting soliloquies, rather than engaging in actual dialogue with cohosts.

    The holier than thou act is a BIT much from someone with strong ties to the Bush and McCain families etc.
  19. This. Ana has actually not felt like a great addition this year. I think she loves her viral moments so much that sometimes she tries way too hard to respond in flashy ways and 9 times out of 10 she's... not really saying anything? She interrupts with awful jokes a lot, too.

    The biggest issue I have with her hating Alyssa is that they don't even go at it; Ana makes a shady remark and then shuts up. It's like she refuses to actually debate with Alyssa, so there's no spark (and I think they agree on a lot more than Ana would like to admit!). This is partly an issue with Alyssa too, though - she just doesn't fight back enough as I'd like, and not just with Ana. It feels like she sort of gives in a lot and allows the others to shut her down. Hopefully she continues to get more comfortable pushing back, though.
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